Devaluing The Dollar, Commercial Real Estate, And Troubled Banks

We are waiting for the imminent collapse of the real estate mortgage bubble and the asset bubble that the Fed is creating. We will have to wait and see if Bob Chapman of International Forecaster is right about The Fed, new currency, the amount of troubled banks, and the devaluation of the dollar.  Mr. Chapman may be spot on, as it appears that everyone is holding their breath waiting for the other shoe to drop.  Take a listen and decide for yourselves.

10 thoughts on “Devaluing The Dollar, Commercial Real Estate, And Troubled Banks”

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  6. Best of luck Diamond. Your herculean efforts to keep the truth out there are a major asset to this country, and should not come at the price of your family’s survival. I personally have no problem supporting advertisers who pass muster with you if it keeps the Monster “on the air”.

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  9. If they keep up with this man made global warming baloney it’s going to get even worse for Americans. Check out the Sweetness & Light link. UN is full steam ahead they think they can shove this crap down our collective throats.

    Rep Thaddeus McCotter explains empirical data and the need for such to claim that Global Warming is anything more than a collectivist theory. Red Eye Video.

    McCotter weighs in on Hopenhagen Summit 🙂

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