Glenn Beck, 12.02.09: Cloward-Piven Strategy & Monetizing The Debt

Once again, Glenn is showing the lack of leadership and an actual plan coming from the current administration; or is he?  I have to applaud whoever it was that showed the Cloward-Piven strategy to Glenn!

By Logistics Monster

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  • I really enjoyed today’s show. He had some really good points. Let’s hope the C-PS doesn’t work. Thank goodness for ClimateGate and all the goings on with the HC bill. Next year, the amnesty bill needs to be shot down. These people just can’t be allowed to succeed at any of the stunts they’re trying to pull.

    Meanwhile, even Krugman seems to agree with Roubini that we may be headed for a double-dip recession next year. I spoke with a government economist about it recently who agreed that things don’t look good. It’s important to be aware of the environment in which these bills will be taken up. The problem is, people are fearful and you can do a lot to take advantage of that fear. People will grasp at straws when the chips are down so Obama’s people are throwing down the chips. C-P has been proven to work because it takes advantage of human nature.

    There’s a way to gird the public against the Cloward-Piven Strategy: information. Most people are now denied the facts because the media is controlled by 5 corporations that are to some extent being manipulated by the government via threats of regulation and taxes. That leaves blogs like this to fill in the gaps and you’re doing a fantastic job!

    The main point to get across is that nothing the Democrats are proposing will do anything to fix our problems and that they will make matters worse.

    The stimulus bill costs over $1T, including interest on the debt, and isn’t creating jobs. It did give a temporary boost to GDP, FWIW.

    The healthcare bill, as proposed thus far, won’t lower medical costs or insurance premiums and may make costs go up and increase wait times for diagnosis and treatment.

    Cap and trade has been tried elsewhere and it doesn’t work. All it does is raise energy costs, putting a strain on an already strained economy, and makes no impact on carbon emissions. Cost? How about 1% of GDP which comes to about $1.35T.

    An amnesty bill would just make the illegal alien problem orders of magnitude worse which is what happened in 1986 when Reagan did it.

    Some parts of the economy are getting better while other parts are getting worse. If left alone, it’ll take care of itself and recover. It always does. If FDR had left well enough alone, there wouldn’t have been a double-dip recession in 1937.

    Shhh! Don’t scare the fish!

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