Month: November 2009

White House Continues To Ignore ClimateGate

Just days ahead of the pResident's trip to Hopenhagen to help hammer out some kind of deal that usurps American sovereignty and moola, Robert Gibbs takes a question from Major Garrett about the hacked ClimateGate emails, and totally sidesteps answering it by stating that "...Carol Browner addressed that last week; on the order of several thousand scientists have come to the conclusion that climate change is happening.  I don't think that's anything that is, quite frankly among most people, in dispute anymore."  Don't hold your breath waiting for Gibbs or Obama to volunteer that those scientists based their opinions on…
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The Next Round Of Senate Healthcare Debate Starts Today, 11.30.09 (Live Streaming)

Live streaming coverage of the healthcare debate in the Senate starts today at 3pm eastern on C-Span2. (Bookmark it) C-SPAN2 Live Stream C-SPAN2 offers gavel to gavel coverage of the U.S. Senate. C-SPAN2 also offers a balanced variety of public affairs programming when the Senate is in adjournment, including congressional committee hearings, press briefings, newsmaker speeches & public policy discussions.
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New CA Gun Law Requires Fingerprints For Ammunition

The powers that be keep saying that all these guns laws are about keeping guns out of the hands of criminals. How ridiculous is that considering criminals are criminals BECAUSE they don't follow the rules.  This law requires face to face transactions only, (no online purchases), and all purchasers of ammunition to be thumbprinted, IDed, exact types and amounts of ammunition recorded, and carries jail time and fines for selling to known criminals.  How stupid is that considering a road trip to a nearby state would only take a few hours, giving the ammo away isn't illegal, and then of…
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BREAKING NEWS: Fort McChord Shooting (UPDATED)

UPDATE: From King5 News: No new information except for this: Police officers shot and killed in 'ambush' The suspects remain on the loose. A $10,000 reward is being offered for information. Tips can be called in to 253-591-5959. ***************** UPDATE: 4 Police Officers Dead 4 Police Officers Shot Dead Near Washington State Air Force Base SEATTLE —  Four police officers were shot dead in an ambush at a Washington state coffee house, a sheriff's official said Sunday. The attack occurred near McChord Air Force Base in Parkland, Wash. Pierce County Sheriff's spokesman Ed Troyer tells Seattle's KOMO-TV that the officers were…
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