Rep. Thaddeus McCotter On Obamacare

Rep. Thaddeus McCotter’s thoughts on health care and the republican’s approach to harnessing technology to provide more choice, and empower people to find the right health care for them.  I am absolutely convinced that McCotter’s IQ must be higher than the combined IQs of the democratic majority and the occupants of the WH.  Ten minutes flies by when you are listening to an intelligent person with a total command of the subject of health care, taxes, small business, etc.

Here is an opening quote:

In short, our first approach is to increase the supply of healthcare through market forces to meet the rising demand.  Otherwise, what the government is going to do is by trying to control the supply of healthcare through taxation, regulation, etc., supply will be reduced at the very time demand goes up, costs shoot through the roof, and you get in a vicious circle.

By Logistics Monster


  • Holy SMOKES – from where did THIS man come? Why don’t we hear more from him? He is freakin’ brilliant, and at no time did he say, “Well, uh, LOOK…” Or use the word “notion,” Obama’s favorite word, it would seem.

    I don’t know where you found this, DT, but what a find indeed!

  • no-nonsence-nancy -

    I’ve watched the other videos that you posted of him. He is indeed rare. I said before, I’d vote for him for president any day.

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