Navy Seal, Matthew McCabe’s Lawyer Speaks With Fox News

Matthew McCabe’s lawyer, Neal Puckett, speaking with Fox News about his client’s innocence, the unknown events surrounding the “assault” and the current lack of discovery to prepare for McCabe’s upcoming arraignment for court-martial on December 7th, 2009, (of all days).

Neil Puckett states that McCabe “has a completely clean record.  In fact, he was onto a sterling career as a SEAL, as were his other two SEALs.”  Puckett also wants to know “if the service is going to bring this terrorist to the courtroom in Norfolk so that we can have our 6th Amendment rights to confrontation of his accuser?”

There will be a rally to support these SEALs on December 7th in Norfolk, Virginia.

From an email I received this morning from a reader:

This is a complete outrage and mockery of our US Military. As Americans, we CANNOT stand for this and MUST show our support for our troops who are constantly being put in harms way to protect the country that is now bringing them under fire. We must send a message that “political correctness” has reached a boiling point and that these service men will not be hung out to dry.

I ask everyone, within reason, to take to Norfolk, VA on Dec 7 and send a message loud and clear that we stand behind them.

And PLEASE, even if you cannot make it because it’s just too far or you have other commitments, invite everyone on your friend list and encourage them to do the same. We have one week to get the word out and we need this to reach the right people.

Voice your opinion by contacting the following:

To file a citizen complaint regarding the treatment of these Navy Seals, please call 813-828-4976 on Monday… or send emails now to

US Navy Judge Advocate General’s Corps : The Office of the Judge
Advocate General : Public Affairs : 1322 Patterson Ave., Suite 3000 :
Washington Navy Yard, DC 20374-5066
Comm: (202) 685-5493 : Phone Numbers: Washington Navy Yard: (202) 685-5190 : Pentagon, Room 4C642: (703) 614-7420 :
AJAG, Military Law : 1254 Charles Morris St., SE
Washington Navy Yard, DC 20374-5047
Comm: (202) 685-7053

(201) 803-1374
Elyse A. Buongiorno

(Note to SEAL McCabe: From one ginger to another, you go man!  Do not take any crap from these cowards!)

By Logistics Monster


  • letty aka granny gripes -


    fire outrage letters to your Senators congressman and
    the Dictator at the WH: DO NOT BE SHY!

    Twice a day would be a great start and PASS it on

    Post outrage and call to action on every blog you can find

    Twice a day would be a great start!

  • letty aka granny gripes -

    By the way this is called PERSECUTION

    a WH POLITICAL HATE CRIME against out Military!

    ALSO read the article about WHY HOLDER IS DANGEROUS
    think it was on TH

  • When I first saw that these Navy Seals were being charged for this terrorist mastermind’s alleged bloody lip (or “gut punch” – and just HOW do you prove that happened), I could not believe it. I just finished reading Vince Flynn’s, Extreme Measures, and I swear, it is amazing how similar they are.

    Evidently, these terrorists have learned all they have to do is claim they were abused, and all of a sudden, they become the victims. Holy cow.

    THANK YOU for the work you are doing on this, DT!

  • Concerned for the USA -

    I think it is outrageous that our own countrymen are willing to persecute the very honorable gentlemen who defend our freedom, our constitution and our country from the low-life terrorists who do nothing more than spend every waking moment of their miserable no count lives in pursuit of yet another way to hurt and even worse KILL AMERICANS!!!!! The terrorist that these SEALS caught has already been proven guilty over and over again…and you believe him when he crys “I was beaten?!?” Are you true Americans? Because in my opinion, a true American would stand up for other true Americans like the NAVY Seals and every other member of our American Military branches.

  • Lisa Schoppa -

    As an American, I am embarrassed and ashamed of our government. This is a politically motivated farce, and it needs to be dropped immediately. Clear the names of these brave men, and court martial those who had the nerve to make these accusations and charges!

  • John USMC -

    I was a Marine MP while I was in. Cuffing people behind the back is SOP. More then once I had people try to spin to get away only to fall. I am sure when the Seals found this guy, the Terrorist just kinda smiled and shrugged, put his hands behind his back and came peacefully. If you really do believe this I have land for sale

  • I am trying to figure out if there is a reason that Obama wants the world to think Americans are pantywaists? Going to be a big surprise for everybody, including our fascist government and the 20% of the population that wants someone to take care of them, when they find out what is really happening in the rest of the country. How many retired military sick of this, how many guns owners sick of this, how many sleepy Americans that are now awake? I am waiting for the event, and at this rate, it is coming fairly soon. Are you listening White House and Congress?

  • It is beyond my comprehension that these men are getting this kind of treatment. I spent 6 years in the Seal Teams. These men bleed and die by the honor of God and Country to protect our freedom and democracy and defend the human rights of innocent people all over the globe and this is how we treat them? Are they bleeding and dying so that brass and suits in Washington can sit back on their high horses in the safety and comfort of their warm offices half a planet away from any real danger, many of them never having tasted the dirt of foreign soil on their lips?
    A terrorist fugitive which masterminded the killing of our citizens and desecration of their bodies has received a fat lip during a war where thousands upon thousands have perished. Forgive me if I don’t feel that this man has been wronged. Rather than commend these Seals for capturing a man who would likely have been involved in countless other human atrocities we will stand by while they’re accused, punished and their careers are flushed down the toilet? Like hell we will. I have over 400 supporters petitioned in only 5 days and my goal is 5,000 before Christmas. What can I do to make our support known and help these soldiers get commended rather than condemned? I have already drafted letters to:
    Chief of Naval Operations, Secretary of the Navy, and The President. Not only am I a combat veteran of Seal Team One and Seal Team Five but I am a Kennedy and you can bet your lunch that I will not stand down until these men are commended or you stand over my dead, cold body and even then I will have supporters that will take up this cause!
    Our soldiers deserve more than this. This beast of a man responsible for Fallujah is getting better treatment than they are!
    When I was in the Seal Teams we put our lives at great risk operating deep in dangerous enemy territory with the solace that good old Uncle Sam would always have our backs if things got ugly. Has that changed? Can our men & women in combat no longer count on their own government to protect them especially in the face of petty, unqualified incidents? What a disgrace.
    If you are reading this and have any authority whatsoever to change the destiny of these proceedings and are doing so, I sincerely thank you. If you are not, then shame on you. Shame on you if you have never endured combat and you preside over or support this absurdity. If you are the seasoned veteran who has earned his/her way to your position by fighting and toiling with the soldiers under your command then shame on you even more for letting this happen to our heroes. If each soldier who’d struck a Nazi were court-martialed what may have been the outcome of WWII? Sprinkle that in your coffee cup and think long and hard about it while you celebrate Pearl Harbor Day on Monday.
    Don’t let this happen. Do what you can to make certain that it doesn’t.
    Michael S. Kennedy

    To join the support cause click on the following link. We will not let this happen to our soldiers.

  • Mike, first I would like to thank you for your service to our County. Please know that many of us who do not have the authority to change these proceedings are most certainly supporting the Seals.

    I wish I knew what people are thinking when they do this insane stuff. I have wondered myself if this is in any way payback for the action the Seals had taken in rescuing the Captain from the pirates. For what ever reason that keeps coming to my mind.

    We are all living in a different place now and are trying to figure out the smoke and mirrors. It was fun at an amusement park but trying to navigate the American way of life is becoming very puzzling at this time.

    But there are millions speaking up and millions more waking up so take heart Mike, this will not end the way it seems to be heading, I believe that with all my heart.

    God Bless America and all of our military, please give them the strength to stay strong and not to be discouraged, Americans have your back regardless of what the government is trying to do.

  • gene Keenan -

    This is insanity. What the hell is going on in this country that I used to be so pround of?
    we have to do something to get it back on the right track. The very thought of this kid having to go to trial makes my blood boil.These bastards in the goverment should all lose thier so called jobs.

    a once proud AMERICAN. Gene

  • E Hellman -

    I am not a US citizen yet but married to an active duty member of the armed forces. I am so upset to think that my hubby needs to worry more about coming home alive than die over there!!! Who knows maybe an Iraqi will press criminal charges against because he killed their husband’s of terrorist…. This is crazy!!! So what do they need to do next, go fight with roses in their hands instead of machine guns? If I was a citizen I would have written that citizen letter… but I need to wait next year for that. And the hubby can’t do anything against the government’s actions, being a governmental property…. What is wrong with that bunch of pussies who are so willing to send others to die for their interest but definitely won’t back them up when the servicemember need them? Seriously, this is wrong, and wrong isn’t even strong enough to talk about that legal action taken against Seal McCabe and his companions. I am so mad. My husband and I are wondering if serving and sacrificing for this country has any meaning anymore, or if people have taken the armed forces so much for granted that they have lost their right and ability to do their job properly.
    Please if you are a US citizen send that letter, do it for our men, for us military families who have enough to worry about when our loved ones go to the desert.

  • Randall Heffelfinger -

    Is this how the military “takes care of their own” as we were always taught when I was in the military. God help us all, if this is our bleak future.

  • Andy Stefanopoulos -

    How absolutely terrible it is to bring charges upon these brave Americans. These liberal radicals in Washington will do anything to destroy our country………………….. including the military. Shame on them and shame on us for letting them do it.

  • My blood is boiling!!! Prosecuting these brave young men is off-the-chart unbelievable!! What’s to become of this great country if our fighting men begin refusing to fight out of fear of what may happen to them when they return home. It’s like sending them to war without weapons; they have to fight for their country with both hands tied behind their backs! If this is what is going to happen to men who selflessly serve their country, I won’t be a bit surprised when they stop wanting to lay their own lives on the line so others may live free. If that happens, we’re all in a whole lot of trouble. I just received an email today about the prosecution of Matthew McCabe, and I couldn’t believe what I was reading. As I began researching it in Google, I found this website (and many others) supporting the accused men involved in this situation. As I dug deeper into these websites, I was sickened when I found the pictures of the innocent men who were brutally murdered, their burnt bodies hanging from the rafters of a bridge, and equally disturbing, were the terrorists who commited this brutal act! They were dancing about, engaged in a demented victory celebration, laughing, shouting and obviously very proud of what they had just done. These are freaking, fanatical monsters! What I felt, while viewing this picture, was the very same horror as when I heard the tapes of another man’s screams as his head was being cut off with a dirty butcher knife!! These are fanatical, mindless monsters who have no conscience whatsoever! And now, our young men, who heroically captured these freaks, are being punished and persecuted because the bad guy got punched in his tummy??????? I’m not a violent person in any sense of the word, but in my opinion, killing these monsters would have been humane and compassionate by comparison to the vicious acts they committed against innocent civilians..
    All of this is so far beyond my comprehension … there’s absolutely no sensibility, accountability or civility in these horrendous acts.

    In closing, I’ll offer this parting thought …… it seems to me that equally dangerous TERRORISTS live here in the USA right under our noses. They are the cowards aka our employees, who earn big, fat salaries paid by our hard-earned tax dollars, working right here in our own government, hiding behind a veil of the political correctness they worship. And there they sit in Washington DC, systematically ruining the lives of brave soldiers who put their military and patriotic responsibilities first, even before their own safety. What kind of person does that sort of thing?? Does anyone see something wrong with this picture?? We, the citizens of this great country, must not let anything like this happen ever again! It’s not rocket science; it’s just plain common sense! We must resolve to support these young Navy Seals (and any others who are treated unfairly in the face of uncompromised service to this country, military or otherwise) in whatever way we can! Something as simple as circulating the email, such as the one I received this evening, can make a difference. It may open someone’s eyes who didn’t know it was happening. We must become a singular. determined voice to drown out the insanity that exists right here on our own American soil. If our efforts are cohesive, continuous and loud, we will be heard! May God bless and protect America, and may He also bless these heroic men!

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