Day: November 27, 2009

It’s Just A Jobs Bill, Not Stimulus 3.0; (And We Would NEVER Lie To You!)

No, no, no, no,....they kept saying.  Nope, we aren't doing another stimulus package, we are just doing some job creation.  No, no, no....that first (dem) $787 Billion is not actually $3.27 TRILLION.  No, no, no....we aren't even thinking about more stimulus, just a neat, little, tidy jobs bill.  Yes, we know we started writing our second stimulus bill back in March, but we did not think you were watching.  Why ever are you paying such close attention?  Are you a domestic terrorist?  Do we need to put your ass on a watch list?  You want us to do what?  Answer…
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CBO Projection Underestimated Unemployment Rates

In the back of my mind, I have been hoping that maybe I am wrong, that I have a pessimistic view of the world, and things are actually going to get better sooner than later. It sucks being right... Elmendorf Sees Even Bleaker Jobless Outlook CBO Director Elmendorf said today the country has not yet seen the worst of joblessness, despite some encouraging signs of economic growth. Speaking at the American Association for Budget and Program Analysis' fall conference, Elmendorf said the CBO projection of this past summer, which saw the unemployment rate peaking at 10.5 percent next year, underestimated…
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