Today’s AYFKM? Award: “Kick A Ginger Day”

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A facebook group advocating violence toward redheads with the bonus of schoolchildren being assaulted by their classmates because of itCriminal charges anyone? I tell you what, just send the creators of the Facebook group,(“Kick A Ginger Day”), to my home and see what happens when they attempt to “kick a ginger” – a mature, armed, ginger who is SICK TO DEATH of being treated like a 4th class citizen because I happened to be born with red hair, and the temper to boot.  (I am so pissed right now that I have, to quote Glenn Beck, blood shooting out of my eyes!!!)

I know it’s Thanksgiving, but I just cannot let something so vile go by on this day of all days.

Watch the video and then we can chat about the uplifting “post-racial” presidency that appears to have given permission to the left to run rampant over common sense, good manners, and walking in the light.

Am I putting this at the feet of an administration that said “We Won!” to the republicans, and with that gave unspoken permission, through example, to the left to openly attack anybody who did not vote for Obama with the word RACIST, or Right-Wing Domestic Terrorist, or Nazi?  YOU BET!  Still think this isn’t related? Think again.

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By Logistics Monster


  • This is just another example of young people without any regard for their fellow human being. Some would say too much violence on TV or in movies, video games leaving some young people void of compassion. I also believe that these individuals really think there is some sort of protection when they post this things on Face Book , you tube or any other internet site. It is really odd to me that they all seem so tech savvy but really do not have a clue .

    Ultimately the people responsible are the ones doing the crimes and I feel strongly the parents of these children. If parents were held more accountable I think they would be more aware of what their children are doing.

    Sadly I live in an area where there seems to be a lot of violent crime by young people, and it is not the usual fighting, stealing or vandalism, it is real sick stuff which makes you wonder if there is any hope for these kids.

    Recently there was a child set on fire just for kicks, the ones involved said it was not planned it just happened, like some how that makes them less guilty. This kids evidently did not grow up with consequences for their actions. I really do not know how they will change until the parents raising them take greater responsibility for their children and I strongly believe the parents should be held accountable to some extent.

    Should not this be a hate crime? Being singled out because of your hair color, that is pretty hateful in my book.

  • Singled out every day because of my hair color. I am so used to it I never thought about it being a hate crime, but I guess it is. Wow, that’s sad.

  • Proud Ginger -

    As schoolkids, redheads are bullied and treated as 2nd class citizens because they were born with different physical characterstics from the majority. When we redheads won’t tolerate this ongoing mistreatment,we are stereotyped as having short tempers. Surprise! Kids at school learned not to pick on me about my red hair, because I would kick the crap out of them. In retrospect I see why I developed a short temper! Kick a Ginger Day?! Wow! What would the reaction be to “Kick a N*gg*r Day”? It’s the same thing… Only the ignorant would tolerate, much less participate in this nonsense.

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