That’s The Ticket: A Blue Ribbon Commission For The Deficit

Because the donkeys and elephants have to look like they are doing something about the insane debt they have saddled us with in hopes they aren’t booted from their cushy seats in upcoming elections.

When I read about the administration looking into creating a deficit commission,  I just wanted to weep instead of the nausea I felt when Obama was inaugurated.  These suicide bombers who are busy blowing up the dollar and destroying all American wealth now want a commission to fiddlef*** around with maybe deciding what to do about the deficit, and then, more than likely, telling us they need even more of our income to fix the chaos they created while we have the highest unemployment rate in 25 years.


From WSJ:

White House Weighs New Panel to Tackle Deficit
Bipartisan Commission Considered as Administration Seeks to Show Resolve on a Problem that Dogs Its Broader Agenda

WASHINGTON — The White House is considering a bipartisan commission to tackle the nation’s swelling deficit, as it seeks to show resolve on a problem that threatens its broader agenda.

Top White House officials, including budget director Peter Orszag, met Tuesday with Senate Budget Committee Chairman Sen. Kent Conrad to discuss establishing such a commission, which has been pushed by Mr. Conrad, a North Dakota Democrat, and his Republican counterpart on the committee, Sen. Judd Gregg of New Hampshire.

Senior congressional officials said the idea was gaining traction. Two officials said the White House was likely to make its own proposal for a panel, which could have less power than the proposed Conrad-Gregg commission. White House aides said no final decision had been made.

The idea is to bring Republicans and Democrats together to make tough decisions about how to cut costs or raise revenue in areas including Social Security, Medicare and taxes. For the White House, establishing a commission would show that the Obama administration is serious about tackling the deficit while postponing any real moves until after the 2010 elections.

If the debt ceiling isn’t raised above its current $12.1 trillion level, the government will exceed its borrowing limits and could be forced to default on its debt. Treasury officials say the limit could be reached by mid-December.

“There are rare moments in this institution when you can implement fundamental change,” Sen. Evan Bayh (D., Ind.) said during a budget hearing this month. “This is one of them.”

Sounds like a crisis to be used to make fundamental change, doesn’t it?

Sen. Gregg, who is concerned that a White House commission would lack teeth, said Tuesday he believes the Obama administration has little interest in real deficit reduction. “You’ve got to look at their actions, not their words, and their actions are to massively expand the government,” he said.

Senior congressional budget aides and some lawmakers are also skeptical that Congress would act anytime soon on an administration-backed commission’s plans.

Fiddle-f***ing around…


By Logistics Monster


  • letty aka granny gripes -


    OH come on now, we are so done with RESIGN! The time has come for all of us to call for their heads. Prosecution, serious orange jump suit time.

    only 11 months and we will elect replacements with spine and put these corrupt criminals away for a long long time.

    ROLL UP THE SLEEVES, they think we are going to roll over and go to sleep again, they are blind this time.

  • letty aka granny gripes -

    Senator Kent Conrad, ND, needs a Tom Daschle moment.

    That arrogant pr__k tells us that if we do not like what
    the democrats and the dicatator are doing we can just move> O U T

    Well, someone needs to tell him that he can be asked to move out of the way too! What is his problem, too stupid to do his job?
    Been a senator for 4 TERMS!

    NOW he tells us he is too stupid to do his job and that if we do not like their vote buying scams we can just move O U T.

    Anyone who has connections in ND get the ball rolling, O U T with Kent Conrad too.

  • Is any of us surprised? I mean really. The way I see it, go ahead, have your commission. But it’s an unpaid position- unless they come up with a really effective solution (hint: like reduce the size/scope of government spending) because does it make sense to form a commission to address the deficit problem, if those who participate will be paid very handsomely, and then not deliver the goods?

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