Thanksgiving Wishes!

thanksgivingThis Thanksgiving will probably go down in history as being one of the more poignant ones most of us have lived through as the veil between dark and light, up and down, clear and opaque, and right and wrong, is so well defined.

We have been traumatized this past year, and in our suffering we have come to realize, more than in other years, the true importance of family relationships, principles, and speaking the truth, as we would not have given a plump, fat, year of ease.

We know the road ahead is going to be long and arduous, and yet we will continue because to not do so would be an insult to the generations that have come before, and an insult to generations yet to be.

With that in mind, I would like to list some of the events and people that I am grateful for.  I ask that you add your thanksgiving wishes in comments, because gratitude has incredible power to change lives.  Everything happens for a reason, and there is a silver lining to every storm cloud.

I am immensely grateful for:

  • The guardian angels that surround all of us each day and keep us safe from harm.
  • My spousal unit and my son who have stood behind me with patience, support, and great ideas since the inception of this blog.
  • Our family canine and feline who bring joy, smiles, and peals of laughter from the little boy.
  • The loss of my job which secured my spousal unit’s job, and gave me time to see clearly which path I was supposed to be following, and the courage to strike out on my own again.
  • The Monster’s amazingly loyal readers who have stood by all the changes and have continued to visit, comment, send tips, and most of all, support this writer financially in these very tough times.
  • The little opportunities that the creator has sent my family’s way to provide funds for Christmas presents.
  • The couple that owns the house I rent for reducing our rent when I lost my job.
  • My mother-in-law who had an awakening this past year.
  • My father-in-law for just being himself.
  • The friendships I have made because of this project.
  • I thank God for Nancy of MsPlacedDemocrat, and the opportunity I had to know her.  I ask for the grace of God to help me write her memorial, as I have not yet been able to do so.
  • Shtuey of Oy…My Valve!
  • Dr. Kate of Dr. Kate’s View
  • The Dame Truth of The Dame Truth
  • Rev. Amy of Rabble Rouser Ruminations
  • Bill, Scott, Robert, and Clyde of The Patriot Room
  • Nick of Notoriously Conservative
  • Dave of Feed Your ADHD
  • Tim of Left Coast Rebel
  • Uppity of Uppity Woman
  • BlueSky of Blue Sky Rising
  • American Genie of Genie’s Dream
  • Sandra of Write Stuff 4 Kidz
  • Steve Maloney
  • Glenn Beck
  • Fox News
  • Technology – DVR, Camcorders, Cameras, and the little grey cells to use them.
  • My host, MediaTemple that continues to keep The Monster safe from hackers (most recent 4 hours ago)
  • The hackers who released the Climate Change emails
  • Barack Obama for being such an incredibly narcissistic and progressive president as to wake up the entire country to the dangers it is facing, and to help me realize how much we understand what our Founding Fathers were trying to impart with their quotes.  BRAVO!

I want to once again send out many mahalos and special Season’s Greetings to Monster readers for all your support; mentally, emotionally, and financially.  You Rock!

Your turn….

By Logistics Monster


  • Always a pleasure to share words, Diamond. It’s been an interesting year in politics – full of attempted coups. Next year is our Battle of Thermopylae. We will prevail.

    I hope your day is wonderful.

  • I wish a very special Thanksgiving to my friend Monster, one of my earliest blog finds during the 2008 agony. And once you find Logistics Monster, how can you not return??

    Thank you for your always awesome, sometimes frightening, but always accurate discoveries. Your tenacity in the face of assaults upon your site is testimony to your commitment to the Truth.

  • Diamond,

    You are one of the blessings in my life that I count twice every day.

    Thank you for all the hard work that you do & for this beautiful post.

    God bless you & yours, my friend.

    A big cyber hug & lots of love coming your way.


  • clemintine -

    let me add my wishes for a wonderful thanksgiving for all!
    i am thankful for so many things this year, they would be impossible to list.
    i do want to say thanks to our troops, so far from home on this thanksgiving, keeping us safe and protecting our liberty.
    this web site gives us a chance to say thanks by way of sending a postcard. the cards are all done by children and are wonderful. xerox is sponsoring this and i encourage all to check it out.

  • It is difficult to list all I am thankful for this year, with out a doubt being able to come to this site is one of them.

    I am thankful for all the shared information and so many wonderful people who I will most likely never met, who come here and share what they know.

    The troops are always in my prayers and I give thanks daily for them. Also all those many many sites who are working so hard to bring the truth to the truth seekers.

    On a personal note I am thankful for a family situation that has shown me once again the love of my family and friends.

    Oddly I give thanks for an unanswered prayer, the prayer that Obama would not be elected. I now realize if that had not happened we would be farther away from the truth, more would still be asleep and worst of all we would feel secure when we should not.

    Last year this time I was very confused and uncertain as to the future of our Country I know we are on the right course now but the battle will be so difficult and filled with more lies and deceptions.

    So on this day I wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving this day is one of the reasons we are fighting and of course why we all seem to find ourselves on this wonderful and truthful site.

    God Bless America and all the Americans who are standing up.

  • Robin in Texas -

    I am thankful to Diamond Tiger for helping me realize which things are not as they should be and for all the commenters that let me know I am not alone.
    Thankful for friends and family that have also come to the conclusion that is it time to right that which is wrong.
    Thankful for the millions that have found a voice and understand what is upon us.
    Thankful for those awakening to the dangers that lurk around us.
    Thankful to the Brave men and women that are willing to lay life on the line so that civilians may sleep a little sounder knowing they are there.
    Thankful for Gaurdian Angels that watch over us.
    Most of all, Thankful to God that gives us all strength and courage to do what ever it takes to set things right.
    May you all have a blessed Thanksgiving!

  • Diamond Tiger, I am very thankful for you, as well. Your blog is a daily must-read for me. Not only do I appreciate the great work you do here, I appreciate your friendship as well. You, my dear, are a true blessing!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you, your family, and your loyal readers!

  • letty aka granny gripes -

    well you published most of my list already!

    Thankful for Diamond Tiger’s unique talent and spine!
    The inspiration I get from Logistic site!

    did you mention!
    Andrew Breitbart’s spine
    Miclele Malkin’s spine

    TIP, we chatted around our table and decided that:
    1. the 17% who are now unemployed are not responsible for their plight! So,

    A. we have to be considerated and tolerant of their tragedy and give them inspiration and a HAND UP!
    B. that we do NOT NEED presents, and will take what we would spend and find families who are going hungry, through the schools, or other resources and during the 12 days of Christmas, drop off “FOOD” on their doorsteps.

    2. Fight harder to salvage what we can for this disaster and NOT TO LET THEM GET AWAY with the deliberate destruction of our country.

  • Diamond, how grateful I am for you, your MIND and research, and your insight. It is truly a time to be grateful as we realize the blessings the Creator has bestowed upon us, including the Patriots who rise to bring our Nation back!

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