Are Congress & The Fed Domestic Terrorists?

joker-burning-money-in-tdkIf you watch the polls, you have a  good idea of how many Americans are wracking their brains trying to come up with a way to stop the incredible, slow motion train wreck that is our country as being run by this administration and congress with the prequel of the Bush era.  $12 Trillion in national debt that translates into $106 Trillion when seen on a whole. We fear that the old paradigm of working from the inside will not achieve our goals right now because time is scarce, and we have already been dragged halfway over the cliff.

A tax revolt is not going to work, as Congress and The Fed have shown that they will just print more money, with a 120% increase since last year.  Starving the federal government is not going to make an iota of difference to these ‘Dorito driven’ (we’ll just print more) spending addicts, if anything, it will make it worse.

The Trillion Dollar question is, “How do we, as Americans, save our nation and our economy from the lemmings stampeding over the edge of the abyss?  I consider everything that the Congress and The Fed have been doing to be a form of domestic terrorism.  How many of you sleep well at night, hmmm?  Are we not generally frightened to wake up and find out what ‘they’ have done while we slept, or worked, or took our kids to soccer practice?  I wonder how much these years are going to drop the life expectancy for involved Americans due to the stress.  The days of “how was your day, honey?” have been replaced with “What did ‘they’ (The Feds) do today?”  The biggest uncertainty facing Americans today and driving them to feel they have to DO SOMETHING RIGHT NOW is not whether there is going to be a depression or not. Our economy is so FUBAR by people who weren’t smart enough to see the long-term ramifications, did not listen to those that did, and currently no longer have any interest in saving it. Rather, it’s these questions:  “Will our country survive until the 2010 elections?”  “Will there be 2010 elections?” comes in a close second.  This goes way beyond whether there is going to be a depression or not, this speaks to America not being America anymore, and Americans no longer having the opportunity to make their lives better.  I want my readers to let me know where I am wrong about this.  We all have been dancing around the unspoken question about the next march on Washington, D.C., and I still don’t have an answer for that yet.  I am guessing that march will happen when we, as a nation, wake up one morning and our dollar is worthless.  People become fearless when they have nothing more to lose.

As for our economy? We all know they are going to crash it.  THAT is the slow motion train wreck started years ago in Congress, and fueled by The Fed.



Case in point, India.

Gold Rises to Record on Dollar Drop, Report India May Buy More

Nov. 25 (Bloomberg) — Gold climbed to the highest price ever as the dollar’s slump deepened and on a report that India may buy more bullion for its central-bank reserves.

Gold reached a record $1,184.70 an ounce and has rallied 12 percent since Nov. 2, after India said it bought 200 metric tons from the International Monetary Fund. The country, the world’s largest gold consumer, may buy more from the IMF, the Financial Chronicle reported. The U.S. Dollar Index, a six-currency gauge of the greenback’s strength, fell to a 15-month low.

“There is a lot of central-bank buying, hedge-fund buying and gold is obviously getting to $1,200 an ounce before the end of the year,” David Lee, a trader at Heraeus Precious Metals Management in New York, said in a telephone interview.

Gold futures for February delivery climbed $14.30, or 1.2 percent, to $1,181.70 at 10:47 a.m. on the New York Mercantile Exchange’s Comex division. Up for a ninth straight session, the most-active contract is headed for the longest rally since August 1982.

By Logistics Monster


  • California Patriot -

    I used to sleep like a baby, with vivid dreams of color. Now I wake up in the early hours with a sense of dread. I don’t remember my dreams anymore. I used to think about endless possibilities. Now I think about what will become of us. It’s a living nightmare, running at breakneck speed.

  • Want to know what I hold onto? I believe that everything happens for a reason and maybe all of what is happening today is what it was going to take to wake America up and get her back to be the innovator and beacon of freedom for the rest of the world. The universe hates a vacuum and it also completely dislikes imbalance – which would be the exact situation we are in now.

  • letty aka granny gripes -

    DT you may be so right.

    This may become the biggest housecleaning event in recent history.

    The legal citizens are “standing” and paying attention, after being asleep for 20 years!

    We do have to appreciate those with spine who are shaking the rocks like

    Glenn Beck
    Andrew Breitbart, taking out Acorn, seiu, etc.
    and all of the conservative talk show hosts, and bloggers.
    Everyday, the Radio talk hosts are growing more spine and more aggressive too.

    climategate probably is the final straw!

    for the first time, if you add up all of the listeners, combined
    for the first time, 30-40 million are paying attention, you may only see 3-4 million active, however the others are ready to move and clean house.

  • DT, I’ve been following Gerry Celente for quite a while. He’s been right, most of the time. And even though that’s not a good sign that anyone in government has been listening, he continues to push his message out to the people. I think he’s given up on anyone in government acting on his conclusions. That commericial real estate bubble he talks about has hit pretty hard in these parts. What you are saying dovetails nicely with what he’s saying. I see it too, and I’ve written about it, but I have the strong suspicion that I am writing withot any effect. I’m going to stop that feeling.

    A cop in Boston I knew years ago told me about a drug crazed derelict they found in an alley beating his forehead into a brick wall until the blood ran down his face. He said they asked him why he was doing it. He said it was because it felt so good when he stopped. Sometimes, I feel like I’m doing the same thing. In a story from the old neighborhood, a quiet little Northern Italian village there was this old guy who some thought was a prophet, and they would put out bread, and cheese or a little vino for him; when he came into town he would walk down the streets, and bang on the wooden gates in the walls with his staff and yell at the top of his voice to repent, “Vesuvio” was going to erupt again, earth quake! I remember seeing the Italian teenagers make sport of him, pelting him with donkey turds. After leaving, a couple years later, an earthquake did happen, and it caused a lot of damage. The houses that were spared were the places he could count on for gifts of food, and spare clothes. Moral of the story is, when you pelt others with donkey turds, your own hands get dirty. I regret that after all the stuff I’ve written, nothing has gotten any better. Maybe it’s time to try it another way. Take care all. God bless you, and never forget that He does.

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