Navy SEALs Charged With Assault: Change That Makes You Cringe


I do not know about you but this whole administration and their continued coddling of terrorists is making my teeth hurt.  Obama is succeeding in encouraging the salivation of our enemies, and the terror of our allies.

Navy SEALs Face Assault Charges for Capturing Most-Wanted Terrorist

Navy SEALs have secretly captured one of the most wanted terrorists in Iraq — the alleged mastermind of the murder and mutilation of four Blackwater USA security guards in Fallujah in 2004. And three of the SEALs who captured him are now facing criminal charges, sources told

The three, all members of the Navy’s elite commando unit, have refused non-judicial punishment — called an admiral’s mast — and have requested a trial by court-martial.

Ahmed Hashim Abed, whom the military code-named “Objective Amber,” told investigators he was punched by his captors — and he had the bloody lip to prove it. (emphasis mine)

Now, instead of being lauded for bringing to justice a high-value target, three of the SEAL commandos, all enlisted, face assault charges and have retained lawyers.

Matthew McCabe, a Special Operations Petty Officer Second Class (SO-2), is facing three charges: dereliction of performance of duty for willfully failing to safeguard a detainee, making a false official statement, and assault.

Petty Officer Jonathan Keefe, SO-2, is facing charges of dereliction of performance of duty and making a false official statement.

Petty Officer Julio Huertas, SO-1, faces those same charges and an additional charge of impediment of an investigation.

The three SEALs will be arraigned separately on Dec. 7. Another three SEALs — two officers and an enlisted sailor — have been identified by investigators as witnesses but have not been charged. obtained the official handwritten statement from one of the three witnesses given on Sept. 3, hours after Abed was captured and still being held at the SEAL base at Camp Baharia. He was later taken to a cell in the U.S.-operated Green Zone in Baghdad.

The SEAL told investigators he had showered after the mission, gone to the kitchen and then decided to look in on the detainee.

“I gave the detainee a glance over and then left,” the SEAL wrote. “I did not notice anything wrong with the detainee and he appeared in good health.”

Lt. Col. Holly Silkman, spokeswoman for the special operations component of U.S. Central Command, confirmed Tuesday to that three SEALs have been charged in connection with the capture of a detainee. She said their court martial is scheduled for January.


UPDATE: 11.25.09

Here is the start of Americans backing these Navy SEALs; a new Facebook Group.

Support The Navy Seals who Captured Ahmed Hashim Abed

I will keep adding groups as I find them so keep checking back.

By Logistics Monster


  • I am from a very patriotic family, and am heartsick over what has happened. What incentive is there anymore for an American to join the armed forces?

    How is this even news??! He is a known terrorist! He helped plan and kill americans…and he wants to be PROTECT BY US LAW from a FAT F@#4ING LIP??!?!

    The soldiers are heros and deserve medals not a court date. ONLY IN OBAMA’S US would this happen. Rise up America…make your thoughts and words heard. It might be to late…

    • ARE YOU FUC*ING SERIOUS?????????????????????? its another Disgraceful day for Military! , We did our jobs and nothing more nothing less, you CANNOT charge these men with what has happened…without these men the military would be nothing, and remember one thing when these men get charged ! they like US ALL enlisted! , …we decided to do this job , we werent drafted we signed up, watch what happens next to the Op’s rosters, they will drop and decline. Now everytime someone has a Op they will have to worry on here decisions there making instead of the job, hesitation = death. What a POOR POOR performance that this is! What has happened to America? These men dont think about this stuff when there doing there Job and a favour i might add to the Governement! AND THIS IS HOW THEY ARE TREATED??? REALLY???? Never Forget that These men and all military men since Vietnam HAVE SIGNED UP DO DEFEND THIS COUNTRY! NO DRAFT! what happens when we STOP signing up because of this Double edged lesson here. …Support your Team America… We supported You!

  • What happened to the days when enemy combatants were killed? You shoot at me, I kill you. Miranda? American Jails? Fuck That! You shoot at me, I fuckin’ kill you…

  • Honestly, it sounds like something out of a Vince Flynn novel – those who risk their lives are then charged for crimes (like bloodying this guy’s nose – apparently, that was the extent of his “injuries,”) by someone in Congress, or on behalf of someone in Congress. I’m not kidding – I am reading one right now, and this is very close to the plot. Wow…

    Thanks for this, DT. I think…

  • Why is it I am no longer surprised by this kind of INSANITY? I am unable to get my mind around what has been happening in this country- to this country- in the past few years.

    What the fuck has happened to Americans to make them think like they do these days? Deep denial? Fatigue? Are they just too stupid or too lazy to think things out? So awash in the lies, bullshit, and PC crap that they are just overwhelmed and confused?

    If we Americans don’t shake this mental fugue. the country will come apart.

    We are charging our warriors with criminal offenses for punching a terrorist in the mouth.

    I haven’t seen any details on the incident, but after being a cop for the last 21 years I can just imagine the verbal garbage these young warriors were getting from this asshole, and I will will wager you $100 this guys was just obnoxious and needed a punch in the pie-hole just to shut him up.

    I am overwhelmingly thankful that somebody had the balls to go capture the evil fuck. Tomorrow I will give thanks to God that we are still capapble as a nation of producing young warriors like these SEALs, and all of our other young warriors, who will train, work, and place themselves between our people and the most evil threat this nation may have ever seen.

    What this detainee is really in desperate need of is a not a fat lip and a lawyer, but a rope.

  • “Mommy! Mommy! they hit me in the mouth!!!Make them stop!” Give me a break! What happened to the saying “Alls fair in love and war”? Political correctness has injected itself into the military like a nasty disease, that will destroy this country. We need to get rid of it like H1N1. And they are going to formally charge them on December 7th?…Peal Harbor Day….I bet all the Heroes killed on that day in 1941 are rolling over in their graves!These worhtless raghead M.F.s need to be sent to meet Alaha soaked in pig fat, not fat lips or bloody noses! This ass-ole needs to be told “shut the f#$@ up!” Maybe if Berry invites him to the W.H. for thanksgiving dinner and says “Were sorry”, the charges will be dropped?…..NOT!! I was a police officer for 30 yrs, and this guy is using a page right out of “The dirtbags book of tricks” where the dirt bag makes false accusations of brutality against the cop in hopes of an investigation into the cop’s actions, therefore possibly getting the charges dropped against the D.B. because after all the suspects rights were violated, therefore “trumping” the original charges. I am so pissed right now, that I can’t see straight! Makes you want to go out and take the “diaper” off one of those R heads and stuff it down their throat!

  • joesixpack -

    I am a fierce defender of our troops. However, with a pansie leader and socialist marxist congress leaders, we need to bring the troops home. Put them out of harm’s way and bring them home until we kick the trecherous traitors out of congress and get a prez with some stones. What is next, rubber bullets? Madness, and don’t try to understand what is going on, just accept it as the times, and resolve to change it next voting cycle. Then we send the troops in and make a parking lot out of these areas.

  • Terrorists like this should not be taken alive .
    We know who they are and what they have done , they should be killed , not coddled .

    I hope this situation sends a clear message to all members of our Armed Forces that come into contact with the enemy :


  • I realize I’m late, but, here is my take with Afghanistan:
    We are there for only two reasons, keep in mind there are only three types of money in the world. Gold, Drugs, Oil. That’s it.
    I’m speaking in terms of the “elite class”, the rulers, the shadow government, the NWO.

    We are there to protect the poppy fields which deliver 95% of all heroine in the world…and to subdue a population so that a pipeline (spelled OIL) can bring Caspian ,oil basin oil, to market at some point in the future. That’s it.
    I really love you people, really, I’m going into stage two, I don’t know what that means, if any of you understand please respond.

  • Hannibal – I know you are following quite a few people who have already gone down that path. As for controlling the money in the world – Gold, Drugs, Oil – we went there to protect the pipeline that was being built by American oil companies. Most people know that. What you need to understand is that the globalists are all about controlling “resources”. The three above are only the beginning – you need to add Water and Labor to the list. Why else, would we be prohibited from using our resources here in America to achieve energy independence? Meanwhile, they are enslaving the labor pool.

  • “Thank You” Diamond Tiger. My only question is “Where are the people , now, who went down the path?’

  • This is pure Allinsky folks. Use the rules against the people that created them. Between this and the civilian trials for terrorists, Clowen and Piven must be so frakkin’ proud of their administration.

    Pardon me while I go puke.

  • Diamond. I understand that these Navy Seals are to be arraigned on December 7th. PEARL HARBOR DAY. Only this sneak attack is being staged by our own government. God help us, what evil has been unleashed on this country by the last election?

  • If the scumbag somehow got a fat lip it could very well have happened during a struggle as he was captured. To entertain his accusation that he was assaulted is preposterous. He’s fortunate that he wasn’t killed. If the shoe was on the other foot, our SEALS would have been tortured (and I don’t mean a little humiliation or water boarding), mutilated, beheaded with a butcher knife and their remains desecrated. Our men and women in our Armed Forces are doing an honorable and courageous job of serving our Nation. They should be respected, admired and greatly appreciated… not used as political pawns and scapegoats. Soldiers and Marines have historically been trained to be warriors, that is, to fight and kill the enemy. It is not their job to coddle the enemy, nor to act as foreign police force or ambassadors for a political agenda. We are at war with an enemy that violates the Law of War and every treaty and convention regulating the conduct of war. War is ugly. As a Viet Nam combat veteran I can testify to that. A war can’t be won if it is run by politicians, lawyers and bleeding heart liberals. Either we are fighting a war against radical, murdering Islamic terrorists or we are not. If we want to win this war we cannot coddle and entertain our enemy while we scrutinize and persecute our own troops. We are neutering and demoralizing our warriors. The SEALS being charged are some of our very best. They serve our Nation with pride, willingly and selflessly. They would make the supreme sacrifice if need be. They should be treated as heroes, not criminals. What our government is doing to them is disgraceful and makes my stomach churn. Just the fact that they are being charged has strengthened the enemy and demoralized our forces. If they are not totally vindicated than we need to demand justice in every way lawfully concievable…letters, phone calls, rallies, protests. If our politicians and lawyers won’t let our honorable and faithful men and women of our Armed Forces fight this war to win it, then we need to get them all the hell out of harms way and bring them home. We can still do the job with good intelligence, reconnaissance and strategic bombing and missle strikes. It’s time we stopped trying to change and save the rest of the world, especially when we are hurting at home.

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