I rolled off my chair when Glenn talks about Mary Landrieu being a hooker that does not come cheap with her $300 million “Louisiana Purchase” vote.

Glenn covers how both parties have nailed the coffin shut on our republic and how we need to step up and start leading the leaders.  Shtuey over at Oh..My Valve! came up with the 50% solution a year and one day ago where Americans take a stand and make the parties bring candidates to us that we will vote for.  THIS is the same concept.  It is sad that it has taken this long to get the ball rolling, but the upside is that it will exponentially grow from this point – enough Americans are awake.

I also will be adding the Horowitz interview as soon as it becomes available, because I already can see people looking for it.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3 (Dave Ramsey):

Monster readers know that we have been talking about getting out of debt, buying more than 1 of items on sale, and investing in gold/silver and guns since the beginning of 2008.

Part 4 – Climate Change Cover-up:

Part 5, David Horowitz:

Part 6, David Horowitz and DiscoverTheNetworks (One of my favs):

To watch the entire program, go here.
(Once again, H/T TheRightScoop for the vids)

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