Day: November 23, 2009

Iranian Freedom Fighters, Ft. Hood And Now Afghanistan

Remember the politically incorrect billboard put up by Phil Wolf of Wolf Automotive in Colorado? The part of the billboard that is blocked by Mr. Wolf says, "Wake Up America, Remember Ft. Hood".  Now we may have more to remember than just Obama shutting down the Ft. Hood investigation, his complacency about the Iranian freedom fighters, and his hard ass line on Israel and the settlements.  It appears that Obama may be negotiating with terrorists the Taliban.  Anybody surprised?  Nope.Did.Not.Think.So. From Atlas Shrugs via RedState: Obama Attempts to Surrender to Taliban again ............. If at first you don't succeed, cry…
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9/11 Terrorists Trial, “Biggest Recruiting Tool”

Stuart Varney filling in for Neil Cavuto on Your World is interviewing Debra Burlingame of Keep America Safe about the consequences of bringing the 9/11 terrorists to NYC for a criminal trial.  Debra is very articulate and concise and lays out the 3 ring circus of how this case will "devolve into putting the United States Government on trial", and how if KSM decides to represent himself, he will have access to all sorts of national security secrets as part of his defense.  Thought that was bad?  As usual, it can and will get worse: ...moreover, it means that if…
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Your Daily Glenn Beck, 11.23.09; We Must Lead; The Leaders Will Follow

I rolled off my chair when Glenn talks about Mary Landrieu being a hooker that does not come cheap with her $300 million "Louisiana Purchase" vote. Glenn covers how both parties have nailed the coffin shut on our republic and how we need to step up and start leading the leaders.  Shtuey over at Oh..My Valve! came up with the 50% solution a year and one day ago where Americans take a stand and make the parties bring candidates to us that we will vote for.  THIS is the same concept.  It is sad that it has taken this long…
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Is TurboTax Timmie Geithner Going Under The Bus?

Will it matter?  Nope. Are they driving us off a financial cliff?  Yep. Will we survive?  Yep. Will they?  Nope. JP Morgan Chase chief executive Jamie Dimon touted as successor to US Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner Jamie Dimon, chief executive JP Morgan Chase, is being discussed as a potential successor to Tim Geithner when the current US Treasury Secretary to hang up his hat. Mr Dimon, who successfully steered the banking conglomerate through the choppy waters of the global financial crisis, is thought of as a strong candidate to take over from Mr Geithner when the time comes. Although any…
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