“President Or Jihad?”

More controversy in the Age of Barack, The Magic Shapeshifter.  Phil Wolf of Wolf Automotive has changed his “Where’s The Birth Certificate?” billboard to one that is coming under fire for, you guessed it, it’s political incorrectness.

I do not think very many people would be asking for the BC if it wasn’t for Obama’s own friends, associates, movements, and policies. He jumps the gun with the Cambridge police, and then shuts down the Ft. Hood investigation. I remember way back when everyone from Obama’s own personal press corp, the MSM, to politicians and real people asking “Who is this guy?”.  I also don’t think the jihadists would have him even if he wanted to join.  The man has no spine.

By Logistics Monster


  • no-nonsence-nancy -

    Good for Phil Wolf. More people need to do this. The Continental Congress 2009 has in their Articles of Freedom (not yet published) specific things that they want the American people to do(I believe). One of them I think has something to do with banners or signs. Le’s bring it on! After all, they can’t arrest all of us can ,they? Or can they?

    Kathy, I’m very glad about the pink slips. Anything any of us are doing is going to help our cause. Do you think if their offices are so filled with boxes of pink slips that they have no room to walk around it will cause them to not vote on these outrageous bills?

  • One thing is certain with all the pink slips being sent they can not say they did not know how the voters feel, of course we know they know but anything that can annoy them is a good thing I say.

    When they all get voted out they will know that they had fair warning, I just wish I knew why they think they can continue to ignore all the voices, that is a real mystery to me.

  • Kathy – I think posing the question a different way would be more helpful.

    I just wish I knew why they think they can continue to ignore all the voices, that is a real mystery to me.

    If one looks at the actions of this congress – both sides – one realizes that they are plowing ahead with absolutely no regard for the wishes of the American people. So the real mystery is the who or the what that has more power over our congress than we do, and why their fear is greater. What is the payoff?

  • Congress needs to consider the sheer numbers of the American public, yes they have fear of the ones with power over them. That could be because they have always feared those people, they need to start fearing the rest of us we are the ones who have the numbers.

    Maybe they would rather be voted out than have to own up to their own misdeeds and expose what is really going on. Maybe they are being told we will not make a difference, who are they going to believe that will be their choice but the should chose wisely, when all is said in done who ever they seem to fear most will be the ones who will control their fate.

    You can be sure that the ones they have always feared will not be there for them when it all hits the fan. Tyrants are like bullies when backed up against the wall it is their hides they will save not those who have been doing their bidding.

  • The man behind the sign is either an idiot, crazy or a racist (maybe all three). We won the election and now these sore losers will continue to spew their hate with lies. They remind me of the Birthers losers, who even “Fake News” Bill O’Reilly has smacked down like the true flies they are.

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