Today’s AYFKM? Award: The Irony Of Mary Landrieu

We all knew that Mary was going to play ‘follow the majority leader’ when it came down to the healthcare cloture vote, but she played some poker and was able to secure $100 Million of OUR TAXPAYER MONEY for her state.  That is not the irony; watch the video below and then tell me how long it takes you to see what I saw, and if it makes you laugh as hard as I did?

Did you notice?  Did you see which committee she is the chairwoman of?  Small Business & Entrepreneurship Committee.  HOW RICH IS THAT?  She is voting to bring a bill to the floor that will destroy small business and shut down the entrepreneurial spirit of this nation.

The lying and two-faced thievery of these non-representatives is so over the top that it has become almost comical to watch the gyrations and maneuvering that is done while trying to appear to do something else.

I did not even have to watch her prattle on past 4 seconds because I was on the floor in peals of laughter.  They are no longer getting ANYTHING past us, but they still think they are…..BWWWAAAAHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

IS IT 2010 YET?

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By Logistics Monster


  • letty aka granny gripes -

    Isn’t that just special.

    The whor^s sitting around the money pot!

    $300 million Landrieu gets for screwing the middle class and for the destruction of this country forever.

    Pigs at the trough!

    AND WE allow it. We are so pig headed that we will not do what is necessary to throw them out and have them prosecuted.

    That is exactly why we are now at the edge of the cliff with broken fingernails.

    Once this nation tips, there is zero return for at least 200 years! WE are allowing this country to become a 3rd world communist country and the parasites, leeches, deranged, degenerates win, and we have nothing left but maybe orange jump suits.

    And the arrogant conservatives who refused to vote against these whor^s and allowed them to get into power only have themselves to blame.

    1776 1/3 supported the king, 1/3 wet their pants and waited in the shadows to see who would win and 1/3 led the fight for freedom! Everyone reaped the benefits!

    Probably it is time to pack up the entire family and head for Australia, which is probably the ony country left in the world where the Legal citizens still have rights and the parasites do not rule.

  • letty aka granny gripes -

    We all knew all along that the whor^s were pretending, lying, and faking it. We knew they were all just holding out for a few more chips from the money pot.

    Bottom line, we knew no matter how many times we called that they were still going to screw the legal citizens of the USA and bleed the middle class into deeper poverty and hopelessness.

    Why is this a surprise.

    We all allowed it to happen. NOW IS THE TIME to grow a spine, volunteer 2 hours a week every week to the candidates to replace them. Get everyone you know to get 10 people to get 10 people to start the kick their rotten butts out campaign and forget about MELTING THE PHONES!

    We need the billboards up NOW
    We need the signs and banners UP NOW
    We need the door to door educate the voter campaign NOW
    We need the chain emails, voter registration,
    We need you at the cacaus with your candidates in tow up and down the ladder!

    We can stand on the capital steps for 10 months and they will ignore us and pretend we do not exist!

    Turn the tables, surprise them with a win everywhere!

    Send 10 bucks to the vital candidates who have a chance
    Go sign up to volunteer to salvage what is left and support the candidates who will replace these corrupt criminal traitors.

    Not one person can say let Johnny do it, that is how we got here.

  • I’m awarding the AYFKM to Diamond tiger and Logistics Monster.

    You didn’t view the whole video for one thing.

    Let me tell you about MY senator. she has conducted meetings and townhalls all over this state just on this health care insurance bill.
    She has assured us she will not make a rush to judgment vote on this bill, and so far does not like the bill. she has not committed her vote, no matter what some MSM and Dems gleefully proclaim.

    She has only voted to push the bill to open debate on the Senate floor, much needed as the Republicans and Independents have so far been shut out of working on the bill.

    I am shocked that you would be so mysogynist to condemn her before actually listening to what she has to say.

    I expected much more from this website.

  • Rene: I must admit that it is very capitalist to get $300 Million for your vote.

    What you do not understand it seems is the irony of her being on that committee and then even THINKING about pushing this forward for debate. I did not have to listen to her jabber on and appear to give a crap about any of us. This bill is NOT ABOUT HEALTHCARE as we know it, it’s about controlling us and taking more of our money. 97% of the bills that make it to the floor for debate are passed. This healthcare coup will only GET WORSE instead of better. How do you expect republicans and independents to have amendments added when both houses are controlled by democrats. It’s a dog and pony show! They should have stopped this right here, thrown it out, and STARTED OVER!

    As for being a mysogynist, kinda hard since I am a woman and I am currently chasing this story:

    The Fate of Lady Parts in the Senate Bill

    Why is it so hard for you to believe that they are LYING to us? Check their records.

    I expected you to be more openminded.

  • Rene,
    Have some more Nobama koolaid. You obviously don’t believe that ALL of these so-called “representatives” are truthful and working for your best interests…however they are ALL a bunch of lying thieves…WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE!!

  • a woman can be just as mysogynist as a man, sometimes even more so.

    I have been against Obama from the get-go. and suffered many attacks for it. never drunk his kool-aid. can hardly stand to hear him or watch him for even five minutes. he just repels me.

    Lots of lies slung around. against all and sundry. But I am in Louisiana and have exchanged emails with Sen Landrieu. reports on all her townhalls, etc.

    No, I think there must be something in the water in Washington that makes all these people insane. She is trying to deal with this massive org within the system. kinda hard to do. you forget she fought against the stimulus bills. and is fighting against this. sees the inevitable and is trying to get consessions for small business and taxpayers.

    $300 million? hardly enough to get Charity Hospital rebuilt or a newer LSU MED Center.

    You all need to open your minds. We drink coffee with chicory down here.

    • Rene – are you saying that it is okay to dance just a little bit with the devil because of the “inevitability”? That is the way that politics as usual has been run and look where it has gotten us! A whole congress full of corruptocrats. The dealmaking is completely out in the open because they know it’s okay with people who will go along to get along. Enough Already!

      Will it take collapsing the whole system to get these deal makers and fence sitters out of our government and stand for something? There is not enough money in the world to pay for the entitlement programs that are being put forward and the packages they have already rammed through. Dammit, Rene – we are DROWNING in debt right now.

      At some point everybody needs to stand up for what is right, and that time is now. I know you know that.

      Just one more thing – I would like to know exactly what part of this post made you jump to mysogyny? I mean really, what exactly? Point it out.

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