Monster Readers: You Are Not Crazy

If you were even thinking of starting to question whether or not the spin we are hearing about the recovery may be true, don’t fret and stop questioning.  Read this instead:

To be sure, the U.S. government is increasing its budget deficits to put a floor under demand. But most state and local governments that have experienced a collapse in tax revenues must sharply retrench spending by firing policemen, teachers and firefighters while also cutting welfare benefits and social services for the poor. Many state and local governments in poorer regions are at risk of bankruptcy without a massive federal bailout.

Moreover, income and wealth inequality is rising again. Poorer households are at greater risk of unemployment, falling wages or reductions in hours worked, all leading to lower labour income, whereas on Wall Street, outrageous bonuses have returned with a vengeance. With the stock market rising and home prices still falling, the wealthy are becoming richer, while the middle class and the poor – whose main wealth is a house rather than equities – are becoming poorer and being saddled with an unsustainable debt burden.

So, while the United States may technically be close to the end of a severe recession, most of America is facing a near-depression. Little wonder, then, that few Americans believe that what walks like a duck and quacks like a duck is actually the phoenix of recovery.

Go here to read the entire article.

By Logistics Monster


  • California Patriot -

    It’s very sad, but true. All one has to do is look around and see that The People are becoming poorer. We have criminals/psychopaths/socialists/communists/fascists running our country. I’ve said it before, they are afraid of NOTHING. They think of themselves as demigods. Their intent is to subjugate us, to bring us to our knees so that we will look to them to save us. But the intent is to never save us. IF all goes their way, we will be part of the starving masses and they the supreme rulers. One has only to look at Russia, Cuba, North Korea, and China, etc.; other nations besides America are falling in step.

    All that is needed here is a national catastrophe to hurry things along. Don’t put it past them to create one.

  • The new layout cooks.

    As for the recovery, I think that Phoenix is going to be on Obama’s dinner table on Thanksgiving instead of the traditional turkey … while 62 million turkeys who put him in the White House slowly rotate on the economic rotisserie that’s cooking us all.

  • Ron – thanks for the link – I totally forgot that I downloaded that video and was going to put it up here. Too much going on.

  • Well all I can say is keep clinging to your guns AND Bibles, cause the revolution IS coming!

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