Glenn Beck At The Villages, 11.21.09 (UPDATED ENTIRE VIDEO)

UPDATE: TheRightScoop has the entire Beck meeting on video:

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Short excerpt from

Glenn Beck’s plan for America

Now for his plan.  What Glenn is preparing is the beginning of a new movement in America.  A movement in which the roots of this country get out and get educated in how to become the leaders of this country.  For far too long the true leaders have not learn how to campaign and organize to become the elected leaders.  This task has been left to the people that no longer deserve the power that is borrowed from us the people.  In doing this he will be training the future generations of Americans to get this country back on a track that would make the founders proud.

Short video; when I can find more I will post them.



From Glenn’s Site:

Glenn Beck reveals the Plan

November 21, 2009 – 15:28 ET


What an amazing few days on the road this has been. Your spirits have been high, your faith strong and your spine unbendable. I ended my multiday book tour at The Villages with what had been billed as a rally but could be better described as a candid citizen-to-citizen chat.

Today, I have stopped looking for a leader to show us the way out because I have come to realize that the only one who can truly save our country…is us. To change America’s course we need to change ourselves, our expectations and our willingness to accept the unacceptable. When we refuse to allow our children to receive a trophy for participation, we are on the road to restoring the meaning of merit in our Republic. When we insist that no one is too big to fail, we will be able to learn from our mistakes, and when we demand that we are self-reliant, we will ensure that others can rely on us, not the government.

There is much to do, much to learn and time is of the essence. While I will be explaining the entire Plan over the coming weeks and months, I did want to give you a preview of some of the highlights:

– Education is key, and not just for our children. To that end, we will be conducting a series of conventions. These will be full-day experiences where you will be immersed in learning about topics ranging from self-reliance, community organizing, the economy and how to be a political force in your own neighborhood and country. The first one will be in Orlando at UCF Arena on March 27th. You will also be able to vote to have a convention in your region by clicking here.

– I have begun meeting with some of the best minds in the country that believe in limited government, maximum freedom and the values of our Founders. I am developing a 100 year plan. I know that the bipartisan corruption in Washington that has brought us to this brink and it will not be defeated easily. It will require unconventional thinking and a radical plan to restore our nation to the maximum freedoms we were supposed to have been protecting, using only the battlefield of ideas.

– All of the above will culminate in The Plan, a book that will provide specific policies, principles and, most importantly, action steps that each of us can take to play a role in this Refounding.

– On August 28, 2010, I ask you, your family and neighbors to join me at the feet of Abraham Lincoln on the National Mall for the unveiling of The Plan and the birthday of a new national movement to restore our great country.

(H/T Ron)

By Logistics Monster


  • LOL! SNL skit: Chinese guy and Obama. Chinese interpreter: Will you kiss me? I like to be kissed when you are doing sex to me. It was about the money owed to China and about the HC bill. It was hilarious!

  • letty aka granny gripes -

    Top of the list, I am a die hard Beck Fan.
    I admire and respect Sarah Palin for her values,and spine.

    HOWEVER! where were they?

    When will they put their power where their mouth is ?

    So Glenn and Palin want a 3rd party ?

    WELL where were they in the NY23 race? NEITHER ONE showed up to get out the vote for THEIR CANDIDATE, who lost by less than 2,000 votes.

    SO, Across the nation in 2010 and 2012, we will have zero wins, 300 some also rans?

    SO Ross Perot repeat! A state here or there will get another Professional Wrestler like Ventura in MN and that’s it.

    In the mean time, OUR COUNTRY will be destroyed, the corrupt criminals will have more power and the wealth of this nation will be gone.

    Fix what is wrong they say about HC

    Well then fix what is wrong with the conservative party and take a win home that will at least save this nation from being destroyed forever.

    Elect those who have the spine to Impeach the traitor and corrupt criminal in chief.

    In 100 years who the hell is going to know or care?

    again, I am 100% Pro Glenn Beck, however he doesn’t get it either.

  • letty aka granny gripes -

    I am NOT going to chase FOOLS GOLD again!

    Again: I admire Palin, respect her, in fact I am thrilled that she is selling books and getting rich, she deserves every dime.

    That is where it ends.

    She is functually illiterate, shallow and does not have a clue about the details of any issue and has zero solutions to offer.
    Anyone can bash and trash the opposition, the MSM, etc.

    What in the world is backasswords? That is a solution?

    A POTUS candidate rocking in the silly name calling game like lame stream media and Rocky Hollywood ?
    Those are solutions ? Grief?

    WHAT I heard in her recent interviews: 8- 16 times in a 3 minute interview!

    as you said and/or keep sayin Rush
    As you say and/or keep sayin Glenn
    As you said and/or keep sayin Sean
    As you said and/or keep sayin Laura, and so on and so on

    HMMMMMMMMMM:: she does not have facts, details, background, ideas, solutions ? (that is known as shallow)

    Her interviews are all “FILLER” talking without saying anything.
    Just junk words. The slang is so Hokey

    I’m callin
    I’m doin
    that there
    her grammar sucks, she sounds like a 6th grade C student talking!

    Sometimes she uses a Thesarus of adjectives in one sentence. I suggest that she take english 101 and public speaking 101 if she intends to become the world leader in 2012! Of course she wrote a book! With a ghost writer, that is the way it is done now.

    Bill Ayers wrote Obama’s book.

    Give ’em hell and stirring the pot is great for a rally or so, however without facts, details, depth, substance, it is just rabble rousing. OLD is her perpetual blame game: McCain did, he said, she said, I did, they did, they said, Yes they did!

    We all have to get beyond the phony flash and LISTEN, HEAR, SEE. We have to start looking beyond the fine print.

    We have been down the road of chasing Fools Gold so many times, wasting our time, energy, money, backing a certain loser and we have been rewarded with the loss of our freedom.

    Anyone can regurgitate what everyone else has already said
    a hundred times. That is not leadership. WHERE is the BEEF?

    She cannot control an interview, even the friendly media.
    On Ingraham’s show poor frustrated Laura prompted her, put words in her mouth, gave her leading questions and Palin could NOT DELIVER! She just didn’t get the hints!

    I closed the door on Palin when She refused or was not clever enough to go to NY23 to rally the votes for HER CANDIDATE and he lost by less than 2,000 votes!

    Again everyone has to decide for themselves.

    How is slicing 1/2 of the pie into 3- 5 tiny pieces a winning strategy? Reform is needed! Serious reform for the conservatives! However you do not build a solid foundation with 5 different shapes of bricks.

    I am thrilled for Glenn Beck and his success, his talent, he is clever!
    I am thrilled for Palin’s financial success and the adulation she is getting, she deserves it. But she does not yet have the right stuff and if Ross Perot could not get off the ground, I do not see how Palin can move a mountain.

    I do believe that only a Jack Welch type could make a ground floor 3rd party happen over a period of 8-10 years! And time is running out very fast. Reality check is to look at the challenge Meg Whitman is having against a corrupt Jerry Brown in CA and she is brilliant.

    Grief, Beck thinks that holding a training rally in August is going to become a Nov 2010 blowout for a 3rd party?

    I just feel like the air has been let out of a balloon we were floating. I expected more than a wet dream.

  • Letty – very wise as usual. How does one clean out a rats nest that is not only present in DC but all the way down the food chain into each state party? Our nation does not have 10 or 15 years to work common sense candidates up the food chain, and who is to say they won’t be corrupted along the way.

    I am still working the problem.

  • no-nonsence-nancy -

    Sorry, but I disagree with a lot of what Letty said. I think his idea of having these conferences or what ever to educate the people is good. Bring your teenagers so they can learn what they are not getting in school. Communism got a foothold in this country by feeding our youth their dangerous theories. Now those same youth are grown and in or about our White House and in our congress and state government. I have been buying my small grandchildren books about the American Revolution so that they can know what our country stands for and what sacrifices the founding fathers and mothers made for not only their but our freedom. I would love to take my teen step-grandson and some of his friends to one of those sessions. I think a hundred years from now people WILL care what we did or didn’t do now. They are going to care very much. Don’t we care what was done in our country a hundred years ago or more importantly 233 years ago?

    I know it takes time to educate a pubic and that is why we need a good immediate plan to go along with a long range plan.I’m not a business person but I think that most businesses have long range and short term plans.

    If some people think a third party can work in this country then let them try it. If the American people are determined enough they can do anything, including starting a third party and having a winner the fist election. I know what the odds are but Americans have a unique determination and will.

    Maybe I’m wrong, but I thought Palin did go to New York to support that guy. Wasn’t it on a weekend with several other conservatives?

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