Day: November 21, 2009

Glenn Beck At The Villages, 11.21.09 (UPDATED ENTIRE VIDEO)

UPDATE: TheRightScoop has the entire Beck meeting on video: Part 1: Part 2: Part 3: Part 4: Part 5: Short excerpt from Glenn Beck's plan for America Now for his plan.  What Glenn is preparing is the beginning of a new movement in America.  A movement in which the roots of this country get out and get educated in how to become the leaders of this country.  For far too long the true leaders have not learn how to campaign and organize to become the elected leaders.  This task has been left to the people that no longer deserve…
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Today’s AYFKM? Award: The Irony Of Mary Landrieu

We all knew that Mary was going to play 'follow the majority leader' when it came down to the healthcare cloture vote, but she played some poker and was able to secure $100 Million of OUR TAXPAYER MONEY for her state.  That is not the irony; watch the video below and then tell me how long it takes you to see what I saw, and if it makes you laugh as hard as I did? Did you notice?  Did you see which committee she is the chairwoman of?  Small Business & Entrepreneurship Committee.  HOW RICH IS THAT?  She is voting…
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So What’s Wrong With Running A Deficit?

(H/T reader Ron for the link) I put up a post just a few minutes ago titled, Translation: What We Need Is More Time To Crash The Economy; meanwhile one of the monster's readers dropped a link to another article that goes hand in hand with "Translation".  Here's an excerpt of the previous post to give you a flavor for the linkage. I would not call the pResident an out-in-out liar unless it was proven without a shadow of a doubt that he was actually lying about something,(and common sense says he most likely is), BUT, considering the actual opposite…
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Translation: What We Need Is More Time To Crash The Economy

Can you imagine how frustrated Barack Obama and his marxists czars are right now?  Can you imagine Mishy's pissedness because she is not yet 'Empress Of All The World'? It makes me think of the Grinch at the end of the movie listening to the Whos sing even though he had taken everything from them, and he could not figure out why they were still happy.  Our pResident does not understand that he will never be able to crush the American Spirit no matter how hard he tries to crash the dollar and reboot this country; probably because he did…
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