The New World Order Ain’t For Conspiracists Anymore!

I cannot wait to hear Daniel Hannan’s response to the new EU president’s comments about the next step towards the NWO.

The climate conference in Copenhagen, is another step towards global management of our planet. – Herman van Rompuy

By Logistics Monster


  • Where are all of the people who used to laugh when I spoke of new world order? Sleeping peacefully while believing it still does not exists…They will still say this is conspiracy even when they start paying the EU/UN taxes imposed upon Americans “because” we can afford it; being such a rich nation and all.

  • He even used the words “global governance” in reference to the new G20. To quote Molly Bloom in Joyce’s Ulysses, “Help me up out of here…”

  • Lisa – if it looks like a duck – it’s probably a duck. Will enough people wake up before all their rights are gone – or will the revolution be televised? At this point, I have no idea – I don’t believe a single think that comes out of the MSM.

  • no-nonsence-nancy -

    People are generally stupid. They won’t see it untill it its them in the face. Then they’ll cry. Hopefully enough of us are awake to stop it. I think the Continental Congress 2009 is doing a great job and will have some very good solutions to our problems. I haven’t been abe to listen to very much of the podcast but I was listening the other evenig and it seemed like they voted down a declaration against World Government. I may hae heard it wrong. I’ll have to ask Dr.Kate. Was anyone else listening to that?

  • The new world order media aka fox/cnn have people in this country so brainwashed and devided that you could take a poll if satan was good or evil and it would come out 49 to 51. A house devided must fall
    You can’t stop the NWO they are far more sinister and oganized and embedded than anyone can imagine there plan is near complete. It would take a miracle to wake up enough intelligent people to make a difference. And thats only if we could regain control our government and media. So get your life vest on. Cause, this ship is definitly sinking. Freedom is drowning in apathy with no hope for survival. Absolute power absolutly corrupts.

  • Richard you are certainly entitled to your opinion, but if we all felt that way there really would be no hope. Better to go down trying than whining that nobody did anything. I am not suggesting that you are whining.

    Yes I do believe in miracles, I have had a few in my life.

  • This video has been around since may 2008.

    New World Order and the coming food shortages. The way to get people’s attention is for them to believe that will not be able to get food and society as a whole will unravel.

    People may not like LaRouche but his words seem believable to me.

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