Here Comes Harry! (Senate Healthcare Bill)

the_shining1Have you been feeling like this while thinking about Harry Reid’s healthcare release in what is sure to be the next in a list of monstrosities coming from the Democrats and this administration?

Well here it is coming in at a whopping 2,074 pages.  I cannot wait to see how much it grows when combined with Nancy’s mutant demon POS from hell.

Sen. Tom Coburn (R-OK) wants the entire bill read on the floor, with estimates coming in at more than 50 hours.  THAT could really screw with Nancy’s plan of ramming this through by Christmas as a “present” to the American people.   With leaders like this, who needs to worry about islamic jihadist terrorists?

Senator Coburn Raising Objections:

Are y’all still sleeping poorly, or have we become desensitized to the horror of such an un-Constitutional government?

By Logistics Monster


  • It seem Congress is starting to get the message. Remember the Pink slip campaign at World Net Daily.

    5.5 million pink slips have been sent, 4 members of Congress hailed the program in a Capitol news conference, saying it is getting the attention of members on both sides.

    Anyone who hasn’t sent a pink slip please consider it and read the article.

  • California Patriot -

    I’m not desensitized, but I am sleeping poorly. What a freaking nightmare for the American people.

    I think we must collectively make up our minds that when this “thing” passes we will turn it back. We will take those narcissistic monsters out of our government and do what is necessary to do with them, as they are traitors.

    Furthermore, I have a dear friend who told me yesterday that this obamacare scares her. She is over 60, but is the epitome of ageless effervescence. She told me that she doesn’t want to have to die for obama, that she feels just a viable now as she did at 40. She went on to say that the American people need to unite as one to fight. She’s right.

    We must collectively turn our faith to God, and ask for guidance and strength to do what we must do.

  • I hate to say it, and I don’t know if it’s a good thing or not, but I am sleeping okay now…and more rested to continue the fight. Little silver linings to the dems being asses.

  • I sleep pretty good, but I’m not desensitized. I just keep thinking about Star Wars:

    The more you tighten your grip, the more star systems will slip through your fingers.

    Meaning the more crazy shit these a-holes do, the more people wake up. What can I say I was born in ’77 Star Wars is in my blood haha

  • The greater the horror, the easier it’ll be to get the asses out. BTW, here’s a photo of Harry Reid expressing his attitude towards the American people.

    Just got back from the dentist and that’s the last visit for a while. He said business for dentists in general has been slow lately, probably due to the economy. Guess people are putting off dental work. That’s the way it was during the Great Depression and lots of people in that “greatest generation” wear dentures. It’d be a sad thing to see that happen again.

  • John Sawyer -

    So you believe that Islamic jihadist terrorists, who want to impose sharia law; treat women and children (especially girls) as property to be beaten, prevented from going to school, etc.; kill anyone, in vile ways, who looks at them the wrong way; use stoning-to-death to punish various crimes; impose primitive dress codes; and so forth, are the equivalent of the Democrats in Congress who are trying to bring health insurance, and thus health care, to millions of people who can’t afford it–because you believe there’s no way they can accomplish this without eventually (somehow) destroying the country, or that they may even be deliberately using health insurance reform as a trick to (somehow) destroy the country.

  • John – not the equivalent – worse…read your history or move to Sweden. American Politicians that took an OATH to protect the Constitution who are currently shredding it and betraying the very principles this country was BASED AND BUILT on are worse than the terrorists, because we at least know what the terrorists are doing. They say what they mean and mean what they say. Congress – not so much.

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