Sean Hannity Interviews Sarah Palin (Link To Entire Show)

I had not realized that Sean Hannity’s interview with Sarah Palin was going to last the entire hour.  Many thanks to PatriotsandHeroes for putting the entire show up on Patriots Network, here.

Here is the opening segment:

6 thoughts on “Sean Hannity Interviews Sarah Palin (Link To Entire Show)”

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  4. Ron – thanks for the link but here the rub. Hawaii was yelling about keeping their health insurance model just the way it was because they were expecting whatever to come out of Congress to be less liberal than what we have here. There is NOTHING stopping Hawaii from opting in instead of opting out – so I don’t know what they are bitchin’ about. As for 92% of people being covered, I’ve been unemployed for over 2 months now – and I STILL don’t have health coverage – so don’t believe everything you read – right?

    P.S. Not posting alot today because the new system is here and I am configuring it for the workload. Thanks again to you and yours!!!

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