Indies Jumping Off The Barack Boat Because The Message Isn’t Clear Enough

We knew this was going to happen.  Doncha wish you could go back in time and bitchslap these silly critters into not voting for the marketed candidate with no credentials and no experience?  I mean, how much more black and white could it have been?  143 days in the Senate when he started his presidential campaign.  Absolutely no executive experience, and absolutely no private sector experience.  NONE! NADA! ZILCH!  And then add all his famous America-hating and domestic terrorist cronies.  I personally am still in shock that so many indies would fall for such a fraud.

One can only hope they have woken up for good and won’t take another swig of the kool-aid after some swoon inducing speech written by 26 years olds.

Dems alarmed as independents bolt party

Mounting evidence that independent voters have soured on the Democrats is prompting a debate among party officials about what rhetorical and substantive changes are needed to halt the damage.

Something like Bambi’s comments about not spending too much?

Following serious setbacks with independents in off-year elections earlier this month, White House officials attributed the defeats to local factors and said President Barack Obama sees no need to reposition his own image or the Democratic message.

One can hope he keeps going full throttle!

Since then, however, a flurry of new polls makes clear that Democrats are facing deeper problems with independents—the swing voters who swung dramatically toward the party in 2006 and 2008 but who now are registering deep unease with the amount of spending and debt called for under Obama’s agenda in an era of one-party rule in Washington.

A Gallup Poll released last week offered a disturbing glimpse about the state of play: just 14 percent of independents approve of the job Congress is doing, the lowest figure all year. In just the past few days alone, surveys have shown Democratic incumbents trailing Republicans among independent voters by double-digit margins in competitive statewide contests in places as varied as Connecticut, Ohio and Iowa.

Obama’s own popularity among independents has fallen significantly, too. A CBS News poll Tuesday showed the president’s approval rating among unaligned voters falling to 45 percent — down from 63 percent in April.

“We withdrew from the accounts of voters and now we need to pay them back,” said Nathan Daschle, executive director of the Democratic Governors Association. “We are having these conversations right now about what independents need to see and hear.”

Pat Waak, the chairwoman of the Colorado Democratic Party, said the party had so far failed to convince independent voters of the steps it had taken to improve the economy.

“I think the economy is at the base of the tension,” she said. “Quite frankly, we’ve got to do a better job of messaging. There’s a lot of work to be done to get independents more comfortable with what we’re doing.”

I just love that line, “There’s a lot of work to be done to get independents more comfortable with what we’re doing.” I am thinking that Pat needs some sort of DingBat Award for even thinking that we would fall for such a used car dealer meets therapist comment.

Pat? The marketed message is not getting through the loss of jobs, homes, and having to be on food stamps (or in other words, REALITY).  Ya Think Maybe?

Andrew Myers, who polled for Democrats in Virginia House of Delegates races this year, said his analysis of exit polls indicated that voters had come to see Democrats as a party of high spending — too willing to make a rush for the pocketbooks and unable to effectively articulate how their health care reform push benefited independents, many of whom already have insurance plans.

Could it be that we see both parties rushing for our wallets and we are Sick.To.Death.of it?  Could it be the Dems are ACTUALLY THE PARTY OF HIGHER SPENDING, and we are the parents taking away the kids’ $12 Trillion credit card?

“This is what’s particularly heartbreaking: There is a real sense that no one in Congress is standing up for them,” said Myers. “It’s a real problem for messaging for us.”

STOP SPENDING MONEY!  Great, simple, easy, forthright, and TRUTHFUL message!  Unfortunately for us, we know you cannot do it, so we will be firing your no good behinds in the next election cycle.  Congress, are you comfortable with the way that message is formulated, or do you need to do some more internal polling?

The erosion among independents, however, isn’t simply a regional problem. Democrats are anxious about the prospects of five-term Sen. Chris Dodd in Connecticut, who trails one of his GOP opponents by 28 percentage points among independents in a prospective head-to-head matchup, and Colorado Gov. Bill Ritter and Iowa Gov. Chet Culver, two Democratic incumbents with shrinking approval ratings among independent voters. A Des Moines Register poll released this weekend showed the first-term Culver trailing the GOP front-runner among independents by nearly 30 percentage points.
Anybody else need popcorn?  I stocked up.  Just wait until the indies get a view of Stimulus 3.0 coming to your wallets very, very, soon.  (Post coming soon)
By Logistics Monster


  • kenoshaMarge -

    I absolutely agree with giving “Pat Waak” the Dingbat award. To her and other ideologues like her the problem is always the “messaging”. What they cannot seem to understand is that we get the “message” just fine. And we reject it!

    My other favorite excuse by the Dems for Independents abandoning them in droves is that these are “Republican” Independents. That’s not even trying hard for an excuse. Surely they can do better than that. Talking points writers must do better. IMO

  • I am an Independent and I was never SOLD on Obama, mostly it had to do with his being GREEN. This last election was a popularity contest, it was a triumph of style over substance. I can’t speak for other Independents. I am guessing they thought they were voting for Denzel Washington?

  • That a new one on me Marge – “republican indies”. KJ- I’m an indie and I always thought that indies were in the middle because they didn’t much like either party and wanted to shop for candidates – which in my opinion, makes one a little more discerning because you aren’t following the party line. That’s why I am so shocked…and still wondering why it took a year to snap out of it.

  • OT I found this link in a comment posted at Dr Kates.

    Has typing and the use of computers contributed to a serious misinterpretation of the U.S. Constitution, especially with respect to Article II, Section 1, Claus 5. The clause that lists the eligibility requirements for the Office of President.

    Also OT but I have thinking about the most recent bow, most of us remember the not so subtle finger that Obama had flashed during the campaign. Could it be that the bowing is not so much showing respect to the Saudi King and Japans Emperor as it is telling the rest of us to kiss his ass? I’m just sayin as this would go along with the childish behavior of this administration.

  • Diamond Tiger,

    I don’t know what took the Independents so long, when Obama was early on talking about getting rid of NAFTA he had our attention my husband and my self but when the Rev Wright Rants hit the fan that was all she wrote. We figured it out early on. Why didn’t other Indy’s? Obama pulled the old who are you going to believe me or your lying eyes:) I still think he is a GREEN Pol who has made so many amateur mistakes. Can he retake political ground after he spent the first 11 months being arrogant and dismissive of all but his base? The way this Administration has treated Town Hall Folks and Tea Party Folks has left a bad taste behind. The President is supposed to be everyone’s President not just the ones who licks his boots.

    Media Matters Goes For The TWOFER
    Imus And Levin Exposed Criticizing Obama…

    Chuckling, all he needs is a microphone.

    I was watching this morning this is a good interview of Levin.

  • I just loved hearing Obama say today that the 2011 budget needs to focus on fiscal responsibility. What an ass.

    BTW…love your new look, A. I got one too (a new site altogether). It’d be an honor if you could update your b-roll.


  • Snark — I updated as soon as you sent the email…but I notice that the monster is conspicuously missing from your new list. I am hurt. 😉

  • letty aka granny gripes -

    Grats again DT, great article not found anywhere else,
    appreciate it

    will pass it on,

    HARK, do we see a ray of light and opportunity here.
    Kinda, says that all of our battle scars are begining to pay off.

    SO back to, tell 10 folks to tell 10 folks, to tell 10 folks

    TO DO:

    Someone here mentioned that if you have documented facts about an issue, you can put the flyers on autos where there is no city ordinance preventing you from doing so.

    Flyers must always list resources, educate yourselves links, and a pass it on request.

    Begining to work are “letters to the ediotrs” of smaller papers, they publish them if they are not a campaign letter.

    make them fun
    poke fun at the incompetent incumbent the “deciders” on a local issue, one that is even a national issue, it works. then ask the legal citizen taxpayers to become the deciders in the next election and replace the Incompetent Incumbent

    Local (not national or regional) conservative talk shows just love to hear from you. Make the calls, send the emails. You get read on the air often.

  • letty aka granny gripes -


    It is not their clever, branding of their lies, that will get them back to controlling the pack.

    But let them keep thinking it.

    PERHAPS, this time the light at the end of the tunnel will be a train for them and not for us.

  • letty aka granny gripes -

    FYI, and I suspect DT knows it too.

    Beck smells something, for the past 3 days on his radio program he is giving a lot of hints that he has a plan, and will begin to roll it out and that 2010 is our year! He hints that he has snagged a deep pocket and still has his deep throat source.

    Get folks to listen to his Radio Show too. It is much different than his TV show.

    His Radio program now enjoys 8 – 10 million listeners on a good day, which is double what his TV show enjoys. Plus his email letters and magazine reach a few million or more. That is double the number he had a mere 6 months ago.

    campaign for folks to listen to his Radio Program too.

    Consider, perhaps we do not need to waste valuable energy speculating about 2012, we just need a legislative wipe out to impeach the corrupt criminal communist.

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