Day: November 16, 2009

Rahm Emanuel At The WSJ CEO Council

WSJ does a CEO Council every fall in Washington, D.C, and this year is no different. Welcome to the 2009 WSJ CEO Council Carlos Slim, Rupert Murdoch, Ratan Tata and Christina Romer are among the speakers slated for The Wall Street Journal’s CEO Council Nov. 16-17. More than 100 CEOs gather at the Four Seasons in Washington, D.C., to discuss how to “rebuild global prosperity” and develop a set of priorities for the economy, education, the environment and health care. Check for updates, including video. Last year the resounding issue that Americans were concerned about was the economy coming…
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Nouriel Roubini’s Economic Crystal Ball

How many of you knew, upwards of 2 years ago, what was coming economically and started preparing?  How many of you started living more frugally in order to pay off debt, and put yourself in a position of just a bit of breathing room when the economy really tanked a year ago?  How many of you know that it is not going to get any better anytime soon, and that the "don't spend while we wait and see" mentality is likely to get stronger?  Well, an economic guru who saw the housing market collapse and other burst bubbles agrees with…
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Code Pink Goes Way Around The Bend

Are You Freakin' Kidding Me? Please visit the Rev.  at Rabble Rouser Ruminations and read the whole article. Code Pink Fundraisers Have Lost Their Frikkin' MInds, And Any Sense Of Decency Let me just warn you now. If you are drinking or eating anything as you read this, you might want to stop. This article is disturbing on so many levels, but even more, it is infuriating at the way in which it paints Major Hasan, the alleged mass murderer. This is way beyond the pale in just plain human decency, much less the manner in which they are using…
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