Sarah_Palin_850I just heard a piece of audio from Rush Limbaugh stating that Sarah Palin will be on his radio show on Tuesday, November 17th at the top of the second hour, with this quote about ‘Going Rogue’: “‘one of the most substantive policy books I’ve read’.

The long knives are already out and being sharpened for this woman so I thought it might be a good idea to find all the interview information available so that Monster readers can hear her for themselves.  Sarah is going to have massive media attention this week because of her cocooning for the last few months, and because of her absence and her unpredictability, the “progressive’s” Palin Derangement Syndrome is going to be in high gear.  I’m getting the popcorn ready right now.

Barbara Walters has interviewed Sarah and that interview is going to be spread out in segments across four different ABC shows and two days.  Go here for the 30 second teaser video.

For those interested in following Sarah on Twitter, go here. Sarah’s Facebook page is here.

(H/T to reader Kathy for the interview info.)

Sarah Palin:

  • Monday, 11.16.09: Oprah (I am so NOT linking to the site of the woman who declared Obama to be “The One!’ AYFKM?)
  • Friday, 11.20.09: ABC – 20/20

On a completely different but related note, Lou Dobbs will be on O’Reilly on Monday, 11.16.09.

As always, I will be putting up videos of these interviews for those of you that no longer own televisions…

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