Sarah Palin’s Upcoming Interviews; 11.16.09

Sarah_Palin_850I just heard a piece of audio from Rush Limbaugh stating that Sarah Palin will be on his radio show on Tuesday, November 17th at the top of the second hour, with this quote about ‘Going Rogue’: “‘one of the most substantive policy books I’ve read’.

The long knives are already out and being sharpened for this woman so I thought it might be a good idea to find all the interview information available so that Monster readers can hear her for themselves.  Sarah is going to have massive media attention this week because of her cocooning for the last few months, and because of her absence and her unpredictability, the “progressive’s” Palin Derangement Syndrome is going to be in high gear.  I’m getting the popcorn ready right now.

Barbara Walters has interviewed Sarah and that interview is going to be spread out in segments across four different ABC shows and two days.  Go here for the 30 second teaser video.

For those interested in following Sarah on Twitter, go here. Sarah’s Facebook page is here.

(H/T to reader Kathy for the interview info.)

Sarah Palin:

  • Monday, 11.16.09: Oprah (I am so NOT linking to the site of the woman who declared Obama to be “The One!’ AYFKM?)
  • Friday, 11.20.09: ABC – 20/20

On a completely different but related note, Lou Dobbs will be on O’Reilly on Monday, 11.16.09.

As always, I will be putting up videos of these interviews for those of you that no longer own televisions…

By Logistics Monster


  • letty aka granny gripes -


    are book sellers, who continue to advocate and advance their personal soap opera saga.


    we simply do not have time to be involved in their perpetual pity parties, and soap opera sagas.

    OUR energies need to be applied to our quest to save this nation.

    PALIN certainly is not showing any type of leadership

    OH SURE SHE GIVES A SHOUT OUT about an issue after others have made their identical observations or statements! We already heard it last night.

    this is NOT about bringing the knives out to cut anyone, but as painful as it is, let us all face the ruthless truth.

    WE NEED SERIOUS leadership, someone out there day after day, moving the resistance, bashing , trashing every idiot thing they come up with

    like Obama’s Auto Insurance is like mandatory H Insurance
    Warner’s it is like a madatory driver’s license
    Pelosi’s go to jail, be punished for not participating is like,
    well gag us all, how do these morons rise to the top?

    We need spine, fangs, and leadership.

    Sometimes when the sweater is so full of holes we have to pitch it and get a new favorite sweater.
    No one can put spilled milk back into the bottle,

    frankly we just do not have the time and energy to pull the Palin-Prejean types out of the mud wrestling match to hose them off and prop them up.

    Frankly, if she wants to be in the Game, she needs to turn the page and better yet, get a new book.

    WE DO NOT WANT TO HEAR about McCain did, didn’t, said, didn’t say, and that LEVI person father of her grandchild, I cannot hear one more word about that garbage dumb.

    WHEN WILL SHE LEAD a “RESISTANCE” movement? Anyone can shout out into the wind what you read and heard everywhere last night.
    When will she get briefed about the issues and offer solutions.

    She as a perhaps a few hundred million have the right values, etc. Big deal, that is where it begins and ends. All mouth and zero action.

    We need to turn the lights out on the side show and exit stage left.
    I am not going to get all suckered in again.

  • Letty – I respect you so much for your forthright attitude about this – and you are probably totally right about everything you have stated, but I think there may be a silver lining to the sideshow. As for leadership, are we going to depend on Boehner, DeMint, Cantor – who all have been part of and are still part of the game. Brilliant people come from unexpected places and events. You may want to shelve Sarah, but she may just be the messenger…

  • ‘one of the most substantive policy books I’ve read’

    AYFKM? If that’s true then whoever said that should start reading more books. It’s ironic that most substantive policy books are not written by politicians. Unsubstantial is what describe those books the most. They fill the book with chapters of american exceptionalism (which is true) and christianity not because they feel that strong about it but to put forward the image of the candidate. Appealing to the feelings of the electorate while being void on issues. And then we have this:

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