Obama, Copenhagen And The Climate Change Treaty

I’ll believe it when I see it considering the exact opposite usually happens whenever “I’m all for single payer healthcare before I was against it” Barack Obama is involved.

Obama rules out Copenhagen treaty

Barack Obama conceded on Sunday that next month’s Copenhagen summit would not produce a legally binding agreement to tackle global warming, but left the door open to a substantive deal at the climate change conference.

Speaking at a conference of Asian countries Mr Obama confirmed what the United Nations, the European Union and other countries had already admitted – that there would not be time for a fully articulated treaty to be drawn up at the summit.

“We should not make the perfect the enemy of the good,” Mr Obama told delegates at the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation in Singapore where his views on Copenhagen were supported by all 21 participants, including China.

Countries would have to sign a document setting out the above, which would not have legal force but which would be “politically binding” – in other words, a public commitment that would be difficult and embarrassing for governments to renege upon.

Lawyers could produce a fully articulated treaty ready for signature by world leaders or their representatives, either at a UN conference in Bonn next June or at the next climate change summit in Mexico City in December 2010.

Leaders would aim in Copenhagen to produce what Mr Rasmussen described as a “politically binding” agreement that would cover mitigation, adaption, finance and technology. US officials said Mr Obama saw Mr Rasmussen’s approach as more palatable than taking the risk of aiming for a treaty in Copenhagen and failing.

However, even reaching a politically binding agreement will be tough. Mr Obama still faces great difficulty in meeting two of the four objectives of a Copenhagen deal – setting out the US’s commitments to cut emissions by 2020, and setting out how much finance the US would be prepared to make available to poor countries.

These commitments could be made if a bill now before the US Senate, setting out cap-and-trade legislation, were to be passed by the end of the Copenhagen summit. This is almost certainly not possible, and the future of the bill is in doubt.

If Mr Obama does not have the explicit support of the Senate, the administration may find it impossible to agree to any deal at Copenhagen and this would mean the whole process could break down in discord and acrimony.

Make sure to go over to FT and read the rest of the interesting political tidbits inside.

For those of you that are still catching up on this issue due to all sorts of other socialist crap being thrown at us, here is Lord Christopher Monckton explaining what Barack Obama is likely to do with the Senate’s backing.

By Logistics Monster


  • Somehow, someway, this usurper must be stopped. His theft of the 2008 election is a tragedy of justice and we don’t seem to have anyone with any actual authority to do so, care to rectify the abomination that is determined to destroy our freedom.

    You cannot belive anything he says, but I pray that he is stopped from signing away our rights. One man? should not be allowed to destroy what so many other real men fought and died to establish.

  • Diamond, I was so disturbed that I forgot to thank you for the video. We had best heed Lord Moncktons words and come up with a way to prevent Obama signing anything in Copenhagen. But what can we do on this short notice? Our tea parties and marches haven’t registered with him or with congress. They think they are all powerful.

    As Benjamin Franklin said – “you have a Republic if you can hold on to it”. Are we going to lose it after all these years due to an illegal election?

    As Lord Monckton says – if we lose it we will never get it back.

  • letty aka granny gripes -

    Everyone back on the streets, elect anyone who is willing
    to impeach this traitor and jail to his corrupt criminal administration, and jail the corrupt criminals in the house and senate.

    We are so done with his smoke and mirrors,

    He blows smoke up everybody’s pants, and his lemmings get a good tingle up their legs, and the B%^&*D just signs our futures away without blinking.

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