Day: November 15, 2009

Ukrainian Hemorrhagic Pneumonia; NOW We Should Be Worried (UPDATED)

Worried about Swine Flu? Not likely.  I haven't been worried about swine flu since the last time I had it, and ALL of the people I talk to do not think there is any cause for alarm.  A number of them also agree that there will be a pandemic that kills millions, that the virus will come out of a lab, and it won't be swine flu. Americans aren't stupid and they also don't believe that AIDS occurred naturally. I have been waiting for the nasty bug to raise it's ugly head, and now it appears it has, and of…
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Mitt Romney Vs. David Axelrod on Afghanistan

While speaking Friday night to a group of young conservatives, Mitt Romney made some scathing (but incredibly truthful) remarks about the pResident's lack of strategy on the Afghanistan war and the apparent lack of concern for our troops.  It appears that those remarks hit the bulls-eye as David Axelrod had to run out to CNN's John King this morning to verbally stumble through an attack rebutt those comments. Romney accuses Obama of not protecting troops WASHINGTON (CNN)– Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney delivered a scathing criticism of President Obama's Afghanistan strategy Friday night, accusing the president of delivering rhetoric and…
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Obama, Copenhagen And The Climate Change Treaty

I'll believe it when I see it considering the exact opposite usually happens whenever "I'm all for single payer healthcare before I was against it" Barack Obama is involved. Obama rules out Copenhagen treaty Barack Obama conceded on Sunday that next month’s Copenhagen summit would not produce a legally binding agreement to tackle global warming, but left the door open to a substantive deal at the climate change conference. Speaking at a conference of Asian countries Mr Obama confirmed what the United Nations, the European Union and other countries had already admitted – that there would not be time for…
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Sarah Palin’s Upcoming Interviews; 11.16.09

I just heard a piece of audio from Rush Limbaugh stating that Sarah Palin will be on his radio show on Tuesday, November 17th at the top of the second hour, with this quote about 'Going Rogue': "‘one of the most substantive policy books I’ve read’. The long knives are already out and being sharpened for this woman so I thought it might be a good idea to find all the interview information available so that Monster readers can hear her for themselves.  Sarah is going to have massive media attention this week because of her cocooning for the last…
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