Obama Bowing Again; Where Is His Protocol Coach?

This would normally have received the Today’s AYFKM? Award except that we have seen this subservence before with the Saudi king while Obama was on his Middle East Apology Tour, and are no longer surprised or embarrassed because we know exactly what type of damaged psyche we had installed in our WH by 69,000,535 similar damaged psyches.

My only question is where Bambi’s protocol coach was, and if he explained that you should never bow so low as to be appearing to touch your shoes when the Emperor of Japan is trying to shake your hand?   This is who we have representing us around the world?  I continue to shudder, look forward to the end of the Obamanation, and the striking of all reference to this pResidency from history ala the Ancient Egyptian way.


Atlas Shrugs has a great take on this continued demeaning of Americans and our allies, and Obama’s true feelings toward women.

H/T HotAirPundit and this awesome one liner:

This is what happens when you make an entry level employee the new CEO…
God are we in trouble…

By Logistics Monster


  • no-nonsence-nancy -

    He is such a dunce. Does he not know ANYTHING? One thing I don’t understand. If he wants to be the king of the world wouldn’t he feel above these other leaders? So,why bow? I’m surprised that his narcissistic personality would allow him to behave this way. I guess he will always be a puzzle to me.

  • Nancy – it is very simple. His father deserted him and he is seeking approval from “father figures”. He appears to believe that he will never be good enough in their eyes. Seen it a million times.

  • You guys seem to seek the drama wherever you can find it 😛
    So what if he bows?
    The US and Japan are allies and Japan being one of the most strongest allies US has in Asia, he was being respectful to the man whom Japanese people still look up to as one the symbols of their country. Its manners in Japan to bow. Its like shaking hands in America. And with all the controversey regarding the Okinawa army base here, I think it was a good move he made, recognizing and respecting the traditions of Japan. People often forget about common manners you need to follow when you visit other countries. At least this way, by bowing to the emperor and paying his respects, he didn’t make US look ignorant of another country’s culture. Nor did he exude any arrogance that America is known for.
    So i say bravo.

  • LOL – oh, DT – this is exactly abt what I wrote this morning. I just KNEW you would already have covered this! 😀

    There’s a video of Sec. Clinton going to Japan in Feb. Obama should have watched how a PRO does it before he went scraping and bowing to the Emperor and Empress (who did NOT bow back, you’ll notice).

    Mary, I disagree. It is NOT customary for the US President to bow, and even still, this was WAY over the top. He was showing his ignorance of their culture by bowing so low, bowing repeatedly, too, especially since they never reciprocated. THEY know protocol, at least.

    There is a difference between being respectful and being ignorant. Obama displayed the latter, not the former.

  • California Patriot -

    Change of subject, but I love the new format DT; it’s easy on the eyes.

  • Mary – I know you think it is respectful and it probably would be if it were anybody else, but not the POTUS and the Emperor. The Emperor extends his hands because he knows his position in the world. If he was the greater force he would bow and everybody would have to bow to him. Here is a link to Clinton breaking 200 years of tradition by slightly bowing to him in 1994. Americans do not bow, and for good reason:

    That prompted a stern warning from Miss Manners against those who might mock the effort that “was once put into freeing Americans from the necessity of bending their knees.”


  • Kathy – thanks for the info about Sarah’s interviews. Three nights with Bill O’Reily…please….

    I am off to see which russians are threatening us now. LOL

  • Diamond I thought you might feel that way about O’Reilly but it will be interesting to see how she is treated by him, hopefully she will get the same fairness he offered Obama before the election.

    Also just came across this it is good news at least I think.

    Leaders Delay a Deal on Climate Change.


    On the surface it seems like good news , but I am not very good at figuring out what the reason would be for this, is there something worse coming down the road, or maybe they realize people do not want this.

  • Kathy – then why did Bambi add a special breakfast meeting with world leaders in Asia to talk about climate change. We cannot believe anything we read anymore.

  • I am with you about not knowing what to believe but I thought it was odd that they said they would delay the deal when it seemed like it was set to be signed.

    Another way to keep us looking in the wrong direction.

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