This would normally have received the Today’s AYFKM? Award except that we have seen this subservence before with the Saudi king while Obama was on his Middle East Apology Tour, and are no longer surprised or embarrassed because we know exactly what type of damaged psyche we had installed in our WH by 69,000,535 similar damaged psyches.

My only question is where Bambi’s protocol coach was, and if he explained that you should never bow so low as to be appearing to touch your shoes when the Emperor of Japan is trying to shake your hand?   This is who we have representing us around the world?  I continue to shudder, look forward to the end of the Obamanation, and the striking of all reference to this pResidency from history ala the Ancient Egyptian way.


Atlas Shrugs has a great take on this continued demeaning of Americans and our allies, and Obama’s true feelings toward women.

H/T HotAirPundit and this awesome one liner:

This is what happens when you make an entry level employee the new CEO…
God are we in trouble…

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