Your Daily Glenn Beck; 11.13.09: Black Conservatives: “Time To Be Heard”

Glenn has a special show today consisting entirely of black Americans speaking their minds about Barack Obama, their beliefs, and the state of the nation.  I will add vids from the entire show as they become available. The videos have been removed by the user so here is the beginning of the show and the link to watch the entire show on PatriotsNetwork.

By Logistics Monster


  • I managed to watch the whole show and it was riveting. His guests were amazing. Great show! They should do a 2-hour primetime special. Not on a Friday night, though.

  • Annette Mary -

    I watched the “Time To Be Heard” and I was so proud that these folks are fellow Americans and share the same country as I do. I want to stand side by side with these people because they believe in their voice, in America, in values and mostly TRUTH. It has been so long that a race has spoken truthfully and with passion and not attacking other races and placing blame on others. These people I can see are the TRUE leaders for they know the way to success and the future of the families lies in hard work, education and accepting consequences for raising ones family. They too care about the future of American and I think together we can solve the issues and problems of today when the truth is spoken and bare for all to see. I finally dont feel so worried and hopeless after seeing such great Americans and knowing I want to hear all American voices as long as they speak for all Americans and in truth. I think tonights show was so much more meaningful then the actual election of Obama. I didnt see these people preaching for their causes they were speaking for the future of all Americans, for all generations and they touched me so much. Liza and Barbara Summers really gave me moments of such clarity and I want to hear them speak more. I would think this forum deserves to be on later when all are home from work and children can hear these issues addressed from their perspective and not only “white america’s” perspective. There is a unity in believing in core christian values and family morality and they most have had wonderful mothers and family figures, all young need to hear their voices. Bravo to Glenn Beck for allowing us to hear their voices.

  • letty aka granny gripes -

    Priceless, everyone send a copy

    1. to the WH

    2. Every Senator

    3. Every Congressman

    Then, go to MUST SEE

    the video by a CITIZEN, expose’ by an Acorn Worker

    send that around
    to the WH
    to your Senators and Congressmen
    to your newspapers
    to your local TV news anchors


    MORAL of the story, always travel with your video, camera, etc. never know these days when you can hit the big story!

  • no-nonsence-nancy -

    DT- the videos have been removed. I couldn’t watch any of them. And I was looking forward to them. Are they messing with you again?

  • no-nonsence-nancy -

    DT, it’s Sat. morning now and I was able to watch it now. Thanks. Excellent show.

  • That’s because I changed the video Nancy. Anytime you find vids that don’t work, please tell me like you did last night and I will find another YTer that has it.

  • Carrot Top -

    Now, our President has gone and made more good people upset. Not only is he bowing again (maybe he was looking for something he dropped) but he has upset New York and the rest of the nation and especially the 9-11 Families for a Safe and Strong America, who are gathering their eagles wings to push back on Erick Holder’s

    decision to try the Gitmo prisoners in New York City. You think the Tea Partiers were a huge crowd of “ticked off” Americans, wait till you see the 9-11 bravest of the brave families of the victims and their New York supporters, not to mention the rest of the nation, who will be supporting them in this action. Did you also hear about our AG Erick Holder’s conflict of interest with the Gitmo prisoners? Guess his law firm is handling 17 of the cases. (Go Michelle, you are a great sleuth). has partnered with 9/11 Families for a Safe & Strong and America and Keep America Safe to bring attention to this travesty. They are recruiting the families & friends of the FDNY to combat this ill-conceived policy of the current administration. Check out their site and support them.

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