Rudy Guiliani’s Take On the 9/11 Terrorist Trials Moving To NYC

Just one more reason to believe that Obama and his administration are pantywaists that do not want to offend radical muslim jihadists anybody BUT Americans by bestowing American citizens’ rights on foreign terrorist war criminals by moving their trials to a NYC civilian court.  Anybody still think this administration is upholding their oaths to the Constitution and NOT trying to undermine the safety and freedom of this nation?  Any congressman or senator ready to bring impeachment charges yet? Obama’s cowardly weakness is going to get more Americans killed.

Rudy has it right:

1 thought on “Rudy Guiliani’s Take On the 9/11 Terrorist Trials Moving To NYC”

  1. Rudy, Was very glad to hear you were againist the 9/11 trials being in New York. We just wrote Bllomberg and told him we would not be visiting NY as planned next year because of his support of the trials. Thank you for always being, wise, intelligent, and caring. Jim And Pat Thompson

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