Harry, You Ain’t All That

Harry Reid has a new campaign ad out touting him as “America’s Most Powerful Senator”.  I beg to differ considering how much Harry has to chase after the two republican senators from Maine, Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins, to get any of his anti-capitalist legislation passed in the Senate because he can’t keep his own democrats in line.  I wonder if Nancy is giving him pointers on arm-twisting and chicago style politics?

Harry, you ain’t all that.  Nevada?  Are you tired of this third of the Axis of Marxism, (Obama, Pelosi, Reid), threatening our freedom and pocketbooks?

2 thoughts on “Harry, You Ain’t All That”

  1. Diamond… I think you need to put a warning above that video… something to the effect that… “WARNING: Viewing the following video has been shown to produce extreme nausea.”

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