Sarah Palin’s Oprah Interview Preview

Sarah’s interview is scheduled for Monday, November 16th, 2009:

By Logistics Monster


  • Why yes I did Rev – but what is more interesting is what he is actually aware of….ways to line his pockets. I wish I could get him and the rest out, but the locals here will never wake up.

  • no-nonsence-nancy -

    It’s very difficult for me to look at Oprah any more. In just the short clips she was obviously being snobbish to Sarah. It is obvious she dislikes her. I don’t now why Sarah would go on her show.

  • no-nonsence-nancy, I think that Sarah went on the show because if she did not that would be more fodder for the msm. Sarah has class and Oprah does not.

    Oprahs ratings have gone down and she is jumping on the ratings bandwagon having Sarah on her show. Oprah has controversy around her with the school she set up in Africa as well as that so called spiritual guru she has had on her show, who turned to be responsible for the deaths at his sauna tent.

    Oprah needs some goodness around her and she has picked Sarah. If she comes off rude some of her viewers will pick up on it. Hopefully some of those who would not listen to Sarah before will watch her on Oprah and will see what we know.

    I will not be watching as I have boycotted Oprah for years, long before she endorsed Obama, something just not right about all her generosity , I know that sounds weird but when rich people give away money and the whole world has to hear about it, well that just sounds like someone looking to be acknowledged for what they should be doing anonymously.

  • You are not alone there sistah! I had to stop watching her well over 2 decades ago for the same reason – something not quite on the level there.

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