On Beck; Former Marine Anthony: Obama “Unfit to be Commander-In-Chief”

Glenn had an unplanned interview with a former marine, Anthony, on the streets of Harlem recently.  Anthony has been a life-long democrat and had his eyes opened during the Kerry presidential campaign.  He can no longer vote democrat and did not vote for Obama.

This is an incredible must see interview with a very articulate, intelligent American.

Do not miss tomorrow’s show.

By Logistics Monster


  • Rev – what is really amazing is this: most Americans are like this in the area of their expertise. I don’t know crap about the wars, but I do know what is happening with the dollar. There are many more Americans this upset and this knowledgeable all around us and it will be making a difference soon. Make sure to come by tomorrow for my Daily Beck where he is interviewing black conservative bloggers.

  • Awesome interview! Thanks for posting the Beck clips. I didn’t get to watch the show today so this is my way to catch up.

    $? Yes, it’s drifting down, gold is moving up, but it isn’t a bad thing–yet. It’s good for US companies selling goods overseas. It does make the cost of oil go up, though, but that can lead to inflation and inflation is needed to get us out of the liquidity trap we’re in so it’s good for the economy, up to a point.

    Afghanistan? That ambassador is probably right. With a corrupt government there, there isn’t much we can do so sending in more troops won’t do much to help. Either go in there whole hog and get a good new government in there or get the hell out. Gotta know when to hold ’em and when to fold ’em.

  • Thanks again,Diamond, for posting the video. As has been happening a lot lately something always happens at 5pm causing me to miss Beck. With your videos I can catch up, but unfortunately lately I haven’t been able to catch your post everyday, and depend on the accumulation of videos to watch all at once.

    Obama’s performance is just the same old same old. He makes no decisions, he just lets everything slide until someone else takes care of it or it explodes. He just keeps voting “present”.

    Let’s pray for better days ahead.

  • Diamond- Do you know why the video was removed or if there is somewhere else to view it?

  • Kathy – that YTer seems to have pulled alot of his own videos. Here is the same video from someone else. Could be fox or beck pressuring them not to post whole shows.

  • Thanks Diamond, I have been out of the loop for awhile, I usually see Beck everyday. It was a great on the street interview.

    I would hope that Fox and Beck would want people to view his shows in any manner they can.

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