Day: November 12, 2009

On Beck; Former Marine Anthony: Obama “Unfit to be Commander-In-Chief”

Glenn had an unplanned interview with a former marine, Anthony, on the streets of Harlem recently.  Anthony has been a life-long democrat and had his eyes opened during the Kerry presidential campaign.  He can no longer vote democrat and did not vote for Obama. This is an incredible must see interview with a very articulate, intelligent American. Do not miss tomorrow's show.
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Your Daily Glenn Beck; 11.12.09: Washington – Failure & Lies & Destruction

Glenn points out the red crayon math the administration and congress are using to bring us to an irreversible place of loss, shows the first step of the necessary 12 step program that America needs to suspend its disbelief, and continues to show the path to destruction with the hidden parts of the stimulus bill, health care bill, and cap & trade. I will add the separate videos as they become available, so check back often. Also, PatriotsNetwork usually has the whole show in it's entirety up a few hours after airing. Must See - Anthony, Former Marine: Reader Betty…
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Obama’s Purge Starts

My, my, my, what a day this still America or Hitler 2.0?  I'm feeling a b**chslap coming.  Obama loves being the international rock star so much, I hope he stays in China, and keeps Joe and Nancy close by. Rush: Obama's purging Republicans from the Civil Service From RedState: Obama Administration Intends to Purge Republicans From the Civil Service Via Instapundit comes word that the federal government’s Office of Personnel Management (OPM) intends to purge the federal government of Republican civil servants all in the name of purify the federal bureaucracy. You can read the OPM memo here. It…
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