Your Daily Glenn Beck; 11.10.09: Fascism In America

Welcome to Fascism in America.

Glenn is still recovering and the judge is filling in for him with the un-Constitutional healthcare bill passed in the House at 11:15pm last Saturday night, and what we can do about it RIGHT NOW!

By Logistics Monster


  • no-nonsence-nancy -

    Continental Congress 2009 starts on Thursday. Yea! I am really looking forward to them coming up with some good plans or our benefit.

  • Practical Madman -

    A Constitutional Convention or Continental Congress scares the hell out of me. A Continental Congress only has authority IF we have a new revolution and win our freedom from this overbearing government, otherwise it is an exercise in futility and creates nothing that will have any authority or power. A Constitutional Convention will change the document to something unrecognizable and is the most dangerous path we could take.

    The founding fathers did not have the Continental Congress before the revolution, it was after independence was won and they needed to set up a new government. There is nothing so wrong with the old document that it needs to be rewritten, it just needs to be re-recognized and reinstated.

    This government has grown so out of control it can not be reigned in. Elections are questionable at best and the system is so corrupt that even a complete changing of the guard in DC will accomplish little. Short of a revolution that no one wants to see, our only choice is to get the individual states to nullify the Federal laws, but they have become so attached to the government teat this seems unlikely.

    I do not know the answer, but it is for sure that this government can not continue on the path it is on. It will either implode from the devalued fiat currency and we will become a third wold nation, or become a communist police state, of which neither option will be pleasant.

  • Nothing you say is Impractical Madman. I too fear that we have morphed into an oligarchical dictatorship much like those of Stalin, Hitler, and Mao — all done legally with the connivance of the elites. So far the only benefit I see from the CC2009 is it will put those in the Feral Government on firm notice that We The People are not blind to the machinations they are committing, as well as getting the word out to those of The People who are aware something is wrong but unable to see a resolution.

    Like you, and most here, I too want a return to the original precepts of the Constitution as written in plain English by our Founders. I stand in awe of the scope of classical human knowledge they had when compared to my own, and thank God they had the foresight to give us the roadmap to continue it. We have too many outside interests competing for our individual property – especially our money in taxes. After all, your money is your time in our society, yet every bureaucratic entity believe they have a complete right to assess whatever they need to continue their existence.

    We need to revise the 14th Amendment, and eliminate the false legislative policy of “Birthright Citizenship” to Aliens, and put the Corporations back under their allowed Privileges and out of our Rights of a Man; revoke the 16th and 17th and return to States control of the Federal government, and revise the Voting Rights to stipulate that only Taxpayers may vote in any election.

    But none of those will happen, as the folks controlling the money have all the power – so yes I see a third-world status with a police state in our future. God help us all!

  • Arrgh – damn spellcheck! Should have been imPractical Madman !! Sorry. 🙁

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