Black Conservatives In America: Glenn Beck, Friday The 13th!!!

Friday the 13th on the Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck is doing a special show on Friday, November 13th with guests Adrienne Ross of Motivation: Truth, Mary M. Baker of Mary Baker, and Clifton B. of Another Black Conservative; three bloggers of great substance that you may want to do a flyby of, and watch the show on Friday.

H/T to LeftCoastRebel for the info.

By Logistics Monster


  • Ooo, sounds scary. At least we heard Beck on the phone today and he sounds fine. He’ll really be on tomorrow for real. Really.

  • What? You must be kidding me. There are no black conservatives in America. I mean, MLK was a Republican, damnit. That’s like … oh … I guess Democrats just don’t remember.

    (BTW … Dr. Dave is dead. Snarky Basterd is now in charge.)

  • …and for all my loyal readers – I have about 36 irons in the fire right now – am planning on hammering out a good post tomorrow! Bear with me – this loaner computer thang is freakin’ driving me crazy! I am expecting the new system to arrive sometime early next week and things will then rev back up….plus – does anybody have any idea what’s really going on right now? Just throwing that out there for ya all.

  • Hello Everyone,

    Just wanted to let you all know that there seems to be a misprint. I will not be on the Glenn Beck Show on Friday.

  • Sure, I know what’s going on and it’s a lot of things that send shivers down my spine. One good thing: an asshole who terrorized my neighborhood is dead tonight. Jesus, you couldn’t get gas or go to Home Depot without ducking.

  • California Patriot -

    I’m feeling it too, that something’s going on, and it makes me very uneasy. Will it happen after they ram the health care bill through the Senate?…

  • no-nonsense-nancy -

    I think they are counting on the Not My President, Not EVER to sign the treaty in Copenhagen and turn us over to the UN commie/fascists. We have to somehow stop him from doing that. They probably want us to take up arms and fight them. I am afraid of guns and don’t own one but I’ll die on my feet before I’ll live on my knees!

  • Nancy – we are being funneled like cattle to slaughter. I think there is a gamble going on here to time the start of any conflict, the level of the violence, and the groups involved. As for guns, did not ever plan on owning one and finally had to say about 8 months, “it’s time”.

  • Do black conservatives call themselves black conservatives to say every other black non-conservative party is wrong or hated? Why should black conservatives be worried about other black liberals. My opinion, black conservatives should just call yourselves, conservatives. You shouldn’t mix political parties with ethnicity. I really doubt it will have any pull.

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