The actual Senate bill hasn’t even been posted for any of us to read it yet, and the marxists in the White House are whipping the Senate to pass healthcare reform before next year when the 2010 election cycle will begin.  I am starting to think all this drama is meant to wear us down because after the tea parties, townhall meetings, the 9.12 march, and D.C. “house calls”, it is more than apparent that they are hearing us and can’t be bothered to do what we ask.  They are about to usher 36 million more Americans into doctors’ offices.  Hmm….307 million Americans, and roughly 853,000 doctors…what’s the math on that?  I read somewhere that it is 279 docs per 100,000 people.  Are they going to incentivize becoming a doctor now?  When is the madness going to end?

From the NY Times:

Obama Presses Senate to Act Quickly on Its Health Bill

WASHINGTON — The White House, growing concerned that the Congressional timetable for passing a health care overhaul could slip into next year, is stepping up pressure on the Senate for quick action, with President Obama appearing Sunday in the Rose Garden to call on senators to “take up the baton and bring this effort to the finish line.”

Mr. Obama’s remarks came just 14 hours after the House narrowly approved a landmark plan that would cost $1.1 trillion over 10 years and extend insurance coverage to 36 million uninsured Americans; the president called it “a courageous vote.” But the votes had barely been counted when the White House began turning its attention to an even bigger hurdle: getting legislation passed in the Senate.

“…a courageous vote.”  Mr. Obama, you have not yet seen the courage of the American people, and mark my words, it is coming.

In the Senate, Mr. Reid has merged two bills into one. The fine print is not public, but the broad outlines are known. Unlike the House bill, which pays to extend coverage by taxing individuals who earn more than $500,000 a year and couples who earn more than $1 million, the Senate bill imposes a 40 percent excise tax on so-called Cadillac plans that cost more than $8,000 a year for an individual or $21,000 for a family.

And unlike the House bill, which includes a national public plan, the Senate measure would allow states to opt out. But even that is too much government involvement for moderates like Senator Joseph I. Lieberman of Connecticut, a Democrat-turned-independent, who pledged Sunday to wage a filibuster to block any plan with a public option in it.

Yes, your state can opt out, like Hawaii, but you will still be paying the taxes.

“If the public option plan is in there,” Mr. Lieberman said on “Fox News Sunday,” “as a matter of conscience, I will not allow this bill to come to a final vote.”

What a joke! How many of us believe that Lieberman is actually going to stand up?

Apart from substantive hurdles, the Senate bill faces procedural ones; Mr. Reid cannot bring it to the floor for debate until he gets an analysis, or “score,” from the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office, expected later this week. The delay could push Senate consideration of the bill until after Thanksgiving, which could in turn make it very difficult for Congress to meet Mr. Obama’s goal of signing a health bill into law by the end of this year.

The timing is crucial. Administration officials say Mr. Obama wants to wrap up work on health care so that he can turn his attention to other legislative priorities, including passing an energy bill and revamping financial regulations. But White House officials also know that the closer the final vote comes to the November 2010 midterm Congressional elections, the more difficult it will be to pass legislation.

I wonder what the percentage of the private wealth now controlled by the federal government will be after they pass Cap and Trade.  That percentage is currently 30% since Obama took office, and will be 48% if healthcare goes through. They should be called tax and straightjacket liberals for all the new regulations that are decimating free enterprise in this country.

Sending members of Congress home over an extended Christmas break without a health care bill in hand could prove disastrous politically. Democrats remember well the setbacks they suffered over the August recess when the Senate Finance Committee failed to meet Mr. Obama’s deadline for finishing its measure, and lawmakers were pummeled in town-hall-style meetings around the country.

“The holiday break is viewed the same way as the August break,” said one Democrat close to the White House, speaking anonymously to discuss strategy. “We don’t want a repeat. We could probably survive it, but why take the chance?” (emphasis mine)

Are You Freakin’ Kidding Me?  These elitist aristocrats have absolutely no idea the buttons they are pushing, and if constitutionalists and conservatives did not have such strong moral compasses, and believe in the strength of the Constitution, dark days would have already been upon us and the aristocrats chances of survival would have been nil.

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