Your Daily Glenn Beck; 11.06.09: Completely Un-Constitutional Congress

Judge Napolitano interviewing various guests about the new unemployment numbers, the healthcare fiasco, the un-Constitutional government now in place, and the newest healthcare rally tomorrow. (Not necessarily in that order).

Here is a very telling quote from a radio program the judge did last week with Rep. Clyburn over healthcare.

Judge: Where in the Constitution is the federal government charged with maintaining peoples’ health?

Rep. Clyburn: Well, it’s not in the Constitution. There’s nothing in the Constitution that says the Federal Government has got anything to do with most of the stuff we do.

So confident that they just don’t have to lie to our faces anymore….

And now Fannie and Freddie who are requiring billions more have gotten Deed-To-Lease in place. Now, I know I left that post from months ago about this takeover around here somewhere.

Glenn Beck – The Judge Interviews John Stossel,GOV Rent To Own

By Logistics Monster

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  • Yes… and the financial mess just continues. Here is the companion to the job loss interactive map… but this one is on bank failures…

    Just wait until the commercial real estate failures really start.

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