Obama Postpones Capitol Meeting To Avoid Protesters?


Michele Bachmann and the Republicans’ “House Call” that drew thousands had the effect that I was expecting; Obama is planning on going to Walter Reed to avoid protesters on Friday, and  then twist some arms and create some tingles on Saturday, Chicago style, before the House vote that will establish 118 new government agencies to take away what is left of our freedom.

He is probably expecting the protesters to be gone by Saturday’s vote.  Now why would the Tea Party Patriots do that?

Good luck with that Mr. pResident.  If you do get this POS bill passed, 2010 is closer than you think and we WILL get it repealed.

Obama delays meeting with House Dems until Saturday

President Barack Obama will meet with House Democrats to discuss healthcare on Saturday, when House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has planned a vote on the measure.

A White House aide said the trip was postponed “to be closer to the vote.”

Obama had planned to meet with the group on Friday, but the White House schedule for the day, which came out late Thursday night, noted that the meeting has been moved to Saturday.

Instead, Vice President Joe Biden will make calls to House members from his home in Wilmington, Del. “about the need to pass health insurance reform,” according to Biden’s schedule.

That appears to be another cowardly maneuver.  I have never seen such a bunch of pantywaists hiding under their beds, afraid to talk to Americans.  Remember 9.12, when Obama had to mozy on out to Minnesota for his sycophants when somewhere around 2.1 MILLION Americans wanted to talk to him, and ask him to just please listen?  Oh, but I just had a stupid moment there, he is from Hawaii, and here in Hawaii, politicians believe that if a constituent did not vote for them, then that constituent’s opinion does not matter.  See Kelly Greenwell’s comment, My constituency knows me and they know what I stand for. When they elected me they got the whole package and they gave me the authority to do what needs to be done. If you voted for me you have to accept my position. If you did not I don’t owe you an explanation.” This coming from the guy that wants the Gitmo detainees free in Hawaii.

The delay from the White House comes after thousands of protesters marched on Capitol Hill on Thursday, demanding that lawmakers defeat the bill for myriad reasons.

White House press secretary Robert Gibbs said Thursday that Obama was not meeting with House Democrats because he was concerned about the vote count.

Remember, they mean exactly the opposite of what they say; in this case, it is ALL ABOUT concern over the House vote.

“No, his visit is a sign of trying to continue to make progress and get this done,” Gibbs said.

Obama is scheduled to leave Washington on Wednesday for an extended tour of Asia.

Instead of visiting Capitol Hill on Friday, Obama will make his first visit as president to Walter Reed Hospital to meet with wounded troops.

Are You Freakin’ Kidding Me?  Our nation is at war in two different theatres and this clown has NOT YET been to Walter Reed Hospital?  I was at Walter Reed to support the troops 2 days after I flew in for the 9.12 March, and I’m just an average citizen who does not currently know a single person in the military but I support them and show my gratitude and loyalty by being present.

My spousal unit keeps telling me that it isn’t fear on the administration’s part, it is the fact that they just do not care and could not be bothered.  Maybe he is right, and if he is, I see dark days ahead.

By Logistics Monster


  • Diamond, I agree with your spousal unit. They just don’t care and they believe that we will forget all about their arrogance by the time the next election rolls around.

    My family went into D.C. on Thursday and as with 9/12 I was unable to go with them. They met and shook hands with Jon Voight and Mark Levin. It really was hard for me not to go but it coouldn’t be avoided (according to my Dr.)

    As I’ve stated before, we just have to keep fighting in whatever capacity we are able and not stop until we have taken our country back.

  • Diamond, I also agree with your spousal unit. The people on the Hill and the people in the WH do not give a moment’s thought to what is said by the voters. We elected them and they all think that means that they can do what is best for us — no matter what we think. Reminds me of that car bumper sticker I used to see: “Get in, Sit down, Shut up!”

    I fear for our country, but not to fight them is to join them.

  • If your spousal unit is right – dark days ahead. If your spousal unit is wrong – dark days ahead.

    But your spousal unit is right.

  • no-nonsence-nancy -

    DT, your spousal unit is right.And I, too, fear for our country but I have faith that we will prevail. I was very sorry that I couldn’t go to DC the other day because I am pathetically broke right now due to lack of work. But I got the fax numbers of all of our US Reps in PA (19of them) and wrote a letter which I have been faxing to them all over and over, a coupe of times a day. It probably won’t do any good, but at least I’ll have tried.

  • Leaping Spark -

    Obama and his communist comrades don’t give a damn what the majority of Americans think about his Deathcare plan. Obama doesn’t even care how many of his comrades lose their jobs in 2010, it’s not about healthcare, it is about the government takeover of the sixth largest industry in America and all the power these bastards can grab, Sarah Palin even admitted that once they grab the wealth and power of the healthcare industry we the people will never get it back.

    Communism has come to America and unfortunately most Americans can’t understand it or even spell it.

    We are so screwed!

  • letty aka granny gripes -

    OH come on NOW

    ON come on

    HE JUST NOW, SUDDENLY discovered WALTER REED HOSPITAL, after 10 months in office? WHILE he lies and troops die for 9 months?

    LET ME SEE what brought Walter Reed to mind?

    AH HA,
    could it be that he totally jerked over the FT HOOD Tragedy ? HE laughed for 2 minutes about his population control scam and then oh by the way, I just lost 13 good men and 31 or so were wounded, and the good and decent people, the legal citizens of the USA were heartbroken and mortifided that this was kinda just a side show for him, you think.

    OR COULD IT BE? HE needs more Media flash about himself to watch and then watch every rerun, night after night, MIRROR MIRROR ON THE WALL, Obama is the greatest of all?

    OR could it be? that he was humiliated in the Tues Election? VA and NJ?

    OR could it be? That he is losing his war on Fox and his war in Afghanistan?

    OR could it be? He finally discovered that the military is so fed up with him and his anti military and anti American activities?

    WE ALL WANT TO KNOW how it is that he JUST DISCOVERED Walter Reed hospital, after 10 months in office.

  • letty aka granny gripes -

    WHAT came to mind, HEADLINES: Archeologist Obama, just discovered WALTER REED ! Right there under his nose for 10 months.

    DESPERATE FOR A PHOTO OPT, to get his face out there over the FT HOOD Tragedy, and the HOUSE CALL RALLY on the Capitol Steps. HE lost 3 days of MEDIA HEADLINES!

    The election disaster, the Ft HOOD Disaster, and the DC PROTEST, which of course he never noticed and of course never heard of so obviously FOX just made it all up, because he is white with black skin and is passing himself off as an Africian American, and that makes FOX News Racist.

  • letty aka granny gripes -

    NO ONE answers the da_n question!

    WILL the Amish, be dragged off by OBAMA- PELOSI and the population control CZARS and thrown into jail for life for not buying Health Insurance ?

    WHY WILL NO ONE ANSWER THE D______ question?

  • The self serving morons in D.C. have been in charge for so long, that they think that they are untouchable and are so drunk with power that they could care less what “We the people” want or think. They need to be put away so they can “dry out” like a common alcoholic. Those in the military ARE fed up with what’s being done to them. Many of them remember the “dark days” of the Clinton administration, and fear of whats coming down the track with “Alibama” Tomorrow will determine the fate of the A–holes if they pass that health bill….invest in ammo cause the revolt is coming!

  • Greeting to all. Welcome…to the machine…as we discuss, analyze, inspect, re-analyze, discuss somemore, wring our hands, cry for our country, get pissed, the time for for talk is over, “ACTA NON VERBA”, ACTIONS NOT WORDS…many good people i.e. Bob Schultz of We The People have been fighting the Machine for over 20 years…stonewalled, many of us have know that there is a problem and woke up in 1994-95, then many of us went back to sleep. Since then people have been waking up as their lives have been impacted. We all know that this last assault on our freedom,liberty,way of life, this rape we have just experienced will continue until the people unite and DO something, PASSIVE RESISTENCE, NON VIOLENT, IT’S ALL ABOUT POWER AND MONEY…if we unite we have the power…there are more of us than them… the banking system and the FED are the enemy, they are the blood sucking vampires who feed on us constantly. Credit card debt,mortgages, automobile loans etc. if you own a business and rent your space it’s the commercial end,we need a NATIONWIDE STRIKE!!! Stop paying the F…… Banks, If 40 to 50 million families stand together (thats alot) and reduce their cash out to groceries,utilities and transportation (gas and oil)how much gold and silver could you stack up for the coming barter society, cut the blood suppy off…we are not getting out of this the way we entered. America has already changed, now they have just RAPED US again WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO???
    JUST SAY NO TO THE BANKSTERS, sorry Charlie we need our money for OUR OWN survival. It’s matress money time, you are losing through inflation 10% or more AND it’s probably even worse than that…go to your banks and start taking your money out…OH, FIND OUT THAT YOU CANNOT TAKE IT ALL OUT…NOT TODAY…what, you think the bank will allow you all of your money TODAY!!! we have have fractional banking
    you may take out a fraction, everyones fraction is different depending on your account. Did anyone watch BRAVE HEART or THE PATRIOT recently??? It’s time, do something, for yourself and your future you are in charge of you. The machine started by taking 30% or more of your life savings (401k, ira, whatever) now this… plus all the stuff you don’t know about because the Machine treats us like mushrooms… NATIONWIDE STRIKE ON THE BANKSTERS…did they cut your credit? did they increase your interest rate to some outrageous amount AND YOU WERE NEVER LATE! ALWAYS PAID!
    The CC banksters have no arbitration, it was terminated, thay must take you to court…when will that be 2035?? Are you upside down on your mortgage?? Jim Cramer said a couple of years ago Why pay? just walk away! I say you need a place to live. You can live in your home for quite awhile,(contact an attorney) maybe several years as the bodies of other foreclosures mount daily… but you need to use the money you’re not paying as SURVIVAL MONEY…The Sheeple will not do this, they will be slaughtered, only the strong-willed will survive… the Machine will not be able to sustain it self if we unite and cut off it’s blood supply, including all FEDERAL owned enties (banks, GM, Crysler, your old student loan,(Federal EXpress is ok) If Iam just a crazy old fool let me know…if it sounds like a plan…DO IT!!
    May GOD help us all…

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