House Call Rally On Capitol Steps – Open Thread

Mark Levin:

Greta Van Susteren & Rep. Tom Price — The March On Washington Against ObamaCare — FOX News

Great crowd shots:

Update: 11.05.09 PM: 25,000?

UPDATE: Reports of 100,000 and maybe 109 arrests – still trying to confirm the arrests as it is being reported by one one source; TPM.See update at bottom of post.

As many of you have been following the original ‘storm the capitol’ post, I am starting a new thread for post rally comments from attendees and videos of the rally as they become available.  Anyone that has video or photos that they would like to have posted, please email me at diamondtiger12 at gmail dot com.  – Mahalo, Diamond.

Enjoy! (Mark Levin at 28:20)
Video From C-Span:

Part 3:

Rep. Petri:


Okay – this is completely, well somewhere off the beaten path…here is a video from a decidedly left organization (Talking Points Memo) with this title:

Unruly Crowd Sings God Bless America as Capitol Police Arrest Tea Partiers for Unlawful Entry

Do all those little old ladies and grandpas look unruly to you? Do we know exactly why that man is on the ground? Is he really being arrested for unlawful entry? Now the second half of the title: “Capitol Police Arrest Tea Partiers For Unlawful Entry”.

Here are the liberal left (NOT TEA PARTY PATRIOTS) moonbats that were arrested in Sen. Lieberman’s offices:

Lots of protesting going on. Yes/No, Tea Party Patriots have been arrested – I think – all reports are coming from Talking Points Memo and I am looking for confirmation not based on their reporting.

This appears to be the story that TPM seems to be basing it’s TPP arrests on as it is linked into this story by Memorandum:

Capitol Briefing
Nine arrested in Hart Building ahead of health care protest

As thousands of activists converged on the lawn of the Capitol for a midday rally against Democrats’ health-care reform legislation, Capitol Police arrested nine protesters Thursday morning in the Hart Senate Office Building.

The protesters were arrested about 10 a.m. on the seventh floor of the Hart Building and were charged with unlawful entry, a Capitol Police spokeswoman said.

“They were inside an office and didn’t leave,” Sgt. Kimberly Schneider said.

Are these Tea Party Patriots or Code Pink being arrested in Sen. Lieberman’s office?
UPDATE: It appears the protestors arrested in the Hart Building WERE Code Pink in Sen. Lieberman’s Office. The Capitol Police also report no OTHER arrests today, so what is that old man doing on the ground outside the capitol? Any TPPs have any information about him?

By Logistics Monster


  • Any idea of how many people showed up? I don’t have time right now to watch the videos if they happen to say.

  • no idea and all the media is covering the shooting in TX – as they should. We’ll know soon enough, but it looked like as many as 5 thousand to me.

  • I can’t believe Congress is going to stay in session and vote on this healthcare debacle this weekend after this slaughter at Ft. Hood. This is absolutely disgraceful!

  • Jack – I found the video of the abortion protesters outside Pelosi’s office and the left is saying they are Tea Partiers. I am working on a post right now, but wanted to drop this comment. Do you remember the pics of the “after” 9.12 March on Washington, D.C. where there wasn’t a single piece of trash on the lawn? Do you think a Tea Party Patriot would disgrace themselves and the rest of the movement by littering in OUR BUILDING? I think they are coat-tailers…I am working on getting more information.

  • can't touch this -

    I just got word that these were paid Acorn workers. Out of the mouths of babes (progressives). Code pink is paid by obama as well as Acorn astroturfers. They were in Lieberman’s office threatening him to vote for piglosicare takeover bill.

    House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s district office were surrounded by the Tea Partiers shortly after the rally ended, and the floor outside Pelosi’s office was covered in pages of the bill. Acorn staged this with nutsy piglosi’s approval and invitation.

  • can't touch this -

    If they say 10,000 were there then double it. So over 20 thousand were there.

  • can't touch this -

    They all got scared and skipped town. 😆
    Michele Backmann said many were hiding in the basement and the cafeteria pretendin they were visitors. 😆
    They better be scared because we will surround the place next time. They still insist it’s a GOP thing. CNN insists it’s Republicans..liars know darn well it’s equal parts of Democrats, Republicans and Independents. No wonder CNN is failing. People are sick of their bull and can’t stand to watch it anymore.

  • DT- Oh don’t believe for one second that any Tea Partiers were involved in getting arrested or throwing paper all over the place. I just wanted to help out by trying to find more info. The tough thing about things like this is it will become he-said-she-said unless there’s hard proof that these people were hired.

    Honestly, when I heard people were arrested there I just assumed they were hired morons. I’ve been to 4 rallies including DC and not one thing ever happened. It’s the extremists who do crazy shit and Tea Partiers, as we all know, are not extremists.

  • Jack – I’m still trying to figure out who, what, when, and where in connection with all the “arrests”. I am now hearing that a group connected to the pelosi office meltdown was lefties hired by Nancy – no proof on that yet…just rumor.

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