Day: November 5, 2009

Obama Postpones Capitol Meeting To Avoid Protesters?

Michele Bachmann and the Republicans' "House Call" that drew thousands had the effect that I was expecting; Obama is planning on going to Walter Reed to avoid protesters on Friday, and  then twist some arms and create some tingles on Saturday, Chicago style, before the House vote that will establish 118 new government agencies to take away what is left of our freedom. He is probably expecting the protesters to be gone by Saturday's vote.  Now why would the Tea Party Patriots do that? Good luck with that Mr. pResident.  If you do get this POS bill passed, 2010 is…
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House Call Rally On Capitol Steps – Open Thread

Mark Levin: Greta Van Susteren & Rep. Tom Price -- The March On Washington Against ObamaCare -- FOX News Great crowd shots: Update: 11.05.09 PM: 25,000? UPDATE: Reports of 100,000 and maybe 109 arrests - still trying to confirm the arrests as it is being reported by one one source; TPM.See update at bottom of post. As many of you have been following the original 'storm the capitol' post, I am starting a new thread for post rally comments from attendees and videos of the rally as they become available.  Anyone that has video or photos that they would like…
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Liberal, Left-Wing, Moonbat Protestors Occupy Sen. Lieberman’s Office

On the day when thousands showed up for the House Call Rally to protest Obama Deathcare, the liberals just could not be left out of the spotlight.  Anybody in the middle and on the right surprised?  Nope, did not think so.  It is a common rule with the left that "anything goes", and common sense and manners do not matter if you desire is great enough.  Do a flyby on this article for the video that accompanies it. Protesters Arrested at Lieberman's Office It is protest day, for the Left and the Right, on Capitol Hill. First out of the…
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