Your Daily Glenn Beck; 11.04.09: More Exhortation From The Fed (UPDATED With Michele Bachmann “House Call”)

Judge Andrew Napolitano is hosting today as Glenn is out with appendicitis.  Get well and hurry back soon Glenn.  WE NEED  YOU!

Today’s show is going to cover more unconstitutional moves being made by The Federal Reserve in regards to executive pay of financial companies that DID NOT or PAID BACK TARP money.  When are we going to get rid of this private banking cartel that is bankrupting our country?

Part 1:

Part 2:

Matthew Spaulding of the Heritage Foundation about Progressivism and control:

I will be adding the Michele Bachmann video when it becomes available.

Judge Napolitano interviewing Michele Bachmann about tomorrow’s “House Call” to kill Pelosi’s healthcare bill with an interesting tidbit about Pelosi possibly changing security protocols to keep people out.

By Logistics Monster


  • Oh better not hit The Fed or Socialism pages – your head will explode. Everybody here has cases of duct tape in their garages and basements.

  • lettyb aka granny -


    a WOMAN with a spine!

    WE HAVE BEEN begging, pleading, for the “CONSERVATIVES’ to hit the steps, every day to force news coverage, to yell, and yell, and yell on every issue to expose this corrupt criminal Administration and the corrupt criminals in the congress and senate, and fight to save this nation from the enemy within



    and notice on the congressional blogs, the GUYS have their names only listed as the HOSTS of HER resistance campaign!


  • lettyb aka granny -

    SOOOO off topic, HOWEVER, I really need to share this to lift your spirits or send you to drink the spirits.



    “Robert Gibbs said, well, he was actually watching, you know, the HBO special about his year-long campaign and how it all went.” (summary he has seen it before)

    He loves himself!!!

    Now we know why he is on TV so much, so
    he can record it and watch it over and over. This man loves himself
    so much I’m amazed he ever got married to someone else.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if this happens
    every morning as he gets ready:

    Obama “Mirror, Mirror on the wall
    whose the most powerful of them all?”

    Mirror “Well of course you are my
    wonderful master”

  • lettyb aka granny -

    Breitbart has some very interesting articles on again!

    Plus, he announced on a Radio Talk show, he has MORE ACORN etc. PICTURES, tapes and connections, waiting for the right time to release.

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