The Republican Alternative To The 2,000 Page Pelosi/Obamacare

For your perusal, the republican alternative to the 2,000 page Obamacare socialist package that Pelosi is trying to ram down out throats, with the IMPENDING  House special vote on  SATURDAY at 6 p.m. It is looking more and more like a very desperate democratic leadership panicking.

Now is 6 p.m. when the voting starts or finishes….questions, questions, questions…this administration is so incredibly transparent, I’m going to enjoy continuing to grind them to porch.


Summary of Republican Alternative Health Care Plan Updated 11-04-09

Entire Republican Alternative Healthcare Package:
Republican Alternative to Pelosicare

and the rest of their information links:

Fact Sheet: Speaker Pelosi’s Government Takeover of Health Care Will Destroy Small Business Jobs (PDF)

Fact Sheet: Speaker Pelosi’s Government Takeover of Health Care Will Hurt Seniors (PDF)

Fact Sheet: Federal Funds Will Be Used to Pay for Abortion Under Speaker Pelosi’s Government Takeover of Health Care (PDF)

Fact Sheet: GOP Alternative Helps States Reduce Health Care Costs (PDF)

Section-by-Section Summary of House GOP Health Care Bill (PDF – Courtesy House Ways & Means Committee Republicans)

Do a flyby if you still need to access Pelosi’s monstrosity of a bill – there is a link for that too.  (Almost sounds like Apple)

Pence Advocates for GOP Alternative Health Care

By Logistics Monster


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    I took a look on He is either completely delusional or… well lets just say, he’s no patriot. Here is my reply to him after seeing Cspan video clip wherein he blasts the Republican effort (see above). I was actually going to e-mail this to him, but then I said, No, what good would it do? What was amazing to me is that a man his age could stand before the whole country, A Senator of the USA, and utter something so STUPID and devoid of truth, and expect us to believe it. What was he thinking? After hearing that I seriously doubt his competence.
    After the Democrats have ignored, and ridiculed everything the Republicans have offered in the Health care debate, how can you criticize the Republican effort to craft an alternative to the Democrat’s Health care bill(s) as being untransparent and written behind closed doors in secrecy? Mr. Reid, NOBODY has blindsided you, so I reject your comments as an outright LIE! All the information you need is easily accessible by the public, and what I read there makes a lot more sense than anything you’ve said so far. So, I do not trust you, and I have to face the music and admit that your actions as a US Senator are a clear and present danger to this country. Your petition of supporters for public option has been dwarfed to irrelevance by the TWO MILLION petitioners who stood in opposition September 12th of this year in Washington, DC, and that was only a fraction of those who oppose but could not come to the Capitol that day. I was there, I saw the size of the crowd and I stand with them now to repudiate you and your socialism in the strongest possible terms! I do not want a reply from you in any form; I want to see action that tells America you are ready to honestly and sincerely consider the content of your OATH and that the legislation you are trying to shove down our throats is against the Constitution and will result in great harm to American families, and to the economy of this country- only then will you redeem yourself.

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