Your Daily Glenn Beck; 11.03.09: Obama, SEIU, ACORN, And The Power Of Persuasion (UPDATED)

Everything is connected, and for those of you searching for Cloward and Piven, go to Obama’s American Socialism: Decades In The Making.

(A note to Monster readers: I have become very ill suddenly – who knows if it is swine flu or Hawaii tourist crud – I will keep you posted, but I may not be posting as often until I feel better. Keep gathering the patriots for the “House Call” on congress on Thursday!)

UPDATE: 11.03.09 from ABC News:

Top Dems: Obama Won’t Get Health Care Bill in 2009

Senior Congressional Democrats say reform before end of year is highly unlikely.

Senior Congressional Democrats told ABC News today it is highly unlikely that a health care reform bill will be completed this year, just a week after President Barack Obama declared he was “absolutely confident” he’ll be able to sign one by then.

“Getting this done by the by the end of the year is a no-go,” a senior Democratic leadership aide told ABC News. Two other key Congressional Democrats also told ABC News the same thing.

This may come as an unwelcome surprise for the White House, where officials from the president on down have repeatedly said the health care bill would be signed into law by the end of the year.

“I am absolutely confident that we are going to get health care done by the end of this year, and Nancy Pelosi is just as confident,” Obama said Oct. 27 at a fundraiser for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi may still be confident — and her spokesman Brendan Daly said today, “We are going to get our part done” — but the reason for the delay can be found in the Senate.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has yet to release the bill he eventually plans to bring to the Senate floor. Reid is still waiting for the Congressional Budget Office to come up with an estimated cost of several possible variations of his bill before deciding which one to introduce in the Senate.

That cost estimate, Democrats tell ABC News, is not expected until next week.

Asked directly by ABC News, “Will you pass health care reform this year?” Reid pointedly did not answer “yes.”
Instead, he replied, “We are not going to be bound by any timetables,” adding, “We are going to do this as quickly as we can.”

The delay is causing some frustration among Reid’s fellow Democrats, but Reid said of his colleagues, “They want us to do this the right way, not the fast way.”

I wonder what will happen after Thursday?

By Logistics Monster


  • I wonder what will happen after Thursday?

    I think this whole very recent narrative of “Obama won’t get health care bill in 2009” is an attempt to discourage people from coming to Washington, DC for the “house call.” I also think the WH knows the VA, NJ, NY-23, and CA-10 races do not look good for them and will be perceived as largely a referendum and wake-up call on all this spending and the economy… which has the potential of de-railing their health care legislative efforts.

    So… they’ll bide their time until the election results and the ‘house call” are out of the news cycle…. at least I think this is now their strategy.

    Don’t underestimate CA-10. That was our district when we lived in the Bay Area. That district tends to be more conservative. Ellen Tauscher was kind of a fluke… plus she tended to be a more conservative Dem. Garamendi was the CA insurance commissioner when we were there and he has some baggage from that. Harmer may do better than people think.

  • no-nonsence-nancy -

    Get well fast, DT. My Granddaughter had it last week and she was sick for a few days but she is well now. You and your family should be taking Tamilu or something though, whatever your doctor reccomends.

    I surely hope this health care bill doesn’t get passed. I hope there are thousands in DC on Thursday.

  • Nancy – I don’t think its the flu – just hawaii tourist crud – but something everybody needs to understand -even if I still had health insurance – there just aren’t that many doctors here anymore – they all find it too expensive with the pricing controls here and they move back. I haven’t had a family doctor in 4 years. My son is almost ten and he has never had a pediatrician. It’s like a third world country here.

  • Dug – I’m watching CA-10 too. I just did not get time to post about it. I would love to see a sweep – wouldn’t you?

  • Diamond… yes, a sweep would be suhweet! Hope you get to feeling better soon!

  • DT – sending you wishes for a very speedy recovery! That tourist crud is the cruddiest….

  • Another comment on CA-10. Garamendi isn’t even a resident of the 10th district. Harmer is from San Ramon… at least he is a resident of that district. District is largely white, conservative-to-moderate, and is a growing suburban area. Based on friends we still have in the area, it has been hit pretty hard by CA unemployment, the residential real estate fiasco, etc. Also, the tea party is pretty active there.

    I suspect the DNC got Garamendi to run after Tauscher was selected to work at the State department as a hedge to keep the seat in a basically right of center district. I’m sure they have poured huge sums of money into this.

    So, despite all the drama of the NY-23 race, the CA-10 race may be more of a bellwether… even if Harmer loses and it is a very tight race. Let’s hope Harmer pulls it out.

  • no-nonsence-nancy -

    DT, that’s terrible about your lack of doctors. I had no idea that there were places in the US that bad off. It would be like that all over the contry if Obama’s death care gets passed. Get well soon.

  • Diamond… it’s unlikely.

    Garamendi, being Lt. Governor, has the name recognition… longtime CA politician… state assemblyman, insurance commissioner, Lt. Gov.. The interesting thing is he is as liberal as they come, running in a district that has traditionally not been that liberal. However, in the seven years since we left that area, the demographics have changed considerably… younger, more multicultural than in the past. Many high-tech companies moved from the San Jose/Silicon Valley area into the Tri-Valley area (Peoplesoft/Oracle, Sybase, EMC, etc.).

    As I understand it, the Republican establishment has contributed ZERO dollars to Harmer’s campaign. They have basically written it off… which is what they do with most of CA… except Orange County and some Central Valley areas.

    So… I’m not holding out much hope.

  • letty aka granny gripes -



    LYING about everything is a way of life for them!

    They will then rush out and pass it in the middle of the night!

    They say that crap just to get you off their backs!
    and then sneak around in the middle of the night plotting,
    planning, and conduct their sinister assault against the legal citizens of the USA

    JAM their emails, faxes, and mailboxes

  • letty aka granny gripes -

    thanks DT for the link to CA10


    Hoped that CA 10 would be close enough to INSULT the dictator.

  • letty aka granny gripes -


    If Obama paid me a few million bucks to bury the hatchet in someone’s back, WHO KNOWS!

    And again: a “TEACHING” moment, we cannot put all of our eggs in the basket of PALIN and expect the entire nation to fall down and crawl after us.

    EVERY CANDIDATE and campaign has to get their butts out there and do the WORK! in walking distance of the voters.

    HOFFMAN mad the error of becoming a “NATIONAL” Punching Bag Star by spending his vital time trying to become the national “TALK STAR” !

    He needed to walk the streets !

  • letty aka granny gripes -


    1. DOctors bury their mistakes and we live with ours

    2. WE including my Ancestors never saw a DR in our entire lives. VICKS was our drug of choice and it worked.
    My parents, Family lived into their 90s without wheelchairs and tubes.

    3. I personally by choice have not seen a DR in 25 years and am a Senior, fit as a fiddle, never get sick, I eat the worst foods according to all of the plant eaters am not overweight, never drink pop crap that is evil stuff.

    I just NEVER get SICK: Refuse to take all of those dangerous shots and pills.

    Of course I will go when and if I really need medical attention, all of that running to the MEDIC 3 times a year to see if they can see “SOMETHING” is BS.

    EXAMPLE: my sister had her mandatory “MILITARY” complete physical, and 4 weeks later, she had stage 4 cancer that they never “NOTICED” in any of her “mandatory complete” physicals. So she died after 6 months of torture in trying to save her life. And there are millions and millions of similar examples.

    SOMETHING is so WRONG with this nation who run to the emergency room every time they sneeze or bump their toe and yet they may have a really serious medical complication that no one looks for because they are checking the sneeze.

  • NoTingles -

    Oct 31.
    Barack Obama:

    “We can see clearly now that the steps my administration is taking are making a difference, blunting the worst of this recession and helping to bring about it’s conclusion.”

    That sounds like tooting his own horn? I beg to differ. Because although his speech writers may have written it this way to make it ‘sound’ like that’s what he’s saying, the last part of the sentence brings chills. What does he mean by ‘helping bring about its conclusion’? Is he really referring to the ‘steps’ or is he referring to something else that’s yet to come, like say, a bank holiday? During a bank holiday, his administration lowers the boom, closing banks, devaluing the currency, or replacing it, and basically, ‘cancelling our monetary and economic system would certainly bring the depression to an end. But is he going to replace it with a Marxist system? The kind that worked so well for the Soviets? Think this couldn’t happen? Wake up and smell the coffee!! It already has! 1930’s America…remember? Roosevelt did the same kinds of things, and made of himself a veritable dictator. So don’t think it can’t happen. Are you ready for it to happen again? Soon?

  • Well – it’s been about 12 hours and all I have is a headache and a high fever; nothing else = hawaii crud brought home by the spousal unit working at a timeshare resort this week. Probably be fine tomorrow.

  • Sorry you are not feeling well, hope your recovery is quick.

    I came across this , I have not watched all 6 of the videos but the first 2 had a lot of interesting information about the Swine Flu.

    Teresea Forcades is a nun at the monastery of Sant-Benet, in Monserrat-Barcelona. She is a physician specializing in internal medicine, PHD in public health at Barcelona’s University. She gives verifiable scientific data and disturbing irregularities related to this subject.

    Bell Tolling for the Swine Flu:

  • One final comment on CA-10:

    I think the percentages are rather telling.

    Garamendi should have REALLY blown this out with his name recognition. But he got 52.98% to Harmer’s 42.69%. Harmer is a virtual unknown and had ZERO support from the GOP establishment. Also, the voter turnout was low from what I could see.

    If the Dems continue down the path they are and the economy continues to worsen, this district may be similar to many, many districts across the country… it will not take much to push them over the edge into a full-scale voter revolt against these policies.

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