The only truly amazing  part about this is that the Republican Party allows Dede Scozzafava to have an (R) next to her name.  Does the GOP have any standards and basis for eligibility in their party, or are they just a bunch of desperate pantywaists that will allow the wolves to eat the sheep and wear their clothing?

I’m an independent voter because I like to shop for the best candidate, (usually one that has some kind of moral compass), but I cannot believe the amount of squishy political BS coming from the supposed leadership of both parties.  In what looks like the latest f*** you for “forcing me out of this race because you did not want to lose face” to the squishy leadership of the GOP, namely Newt and Michael, Dede has just thrown her support behind the candidate most like herself, the democrat.

NY-23: Scozzafava Endorses Owens

State Assemblywoman Dede Scozzafava (R), who dropped from the special election in Upstate New York yesterday, has now thrown her support to Democrat Bill Owens.

“It’s not in the cards for me to be your representative, but I strongly believe Bill is the only candidate who can build upon John McHugh’s lasting legacy in the U.S. Congress,” said Scozzafava in a statement released moments ago.

Owens said he was “honored” to have won Scozzafava’s endorsement, noting: “Now more than ever we need bipartisan solutions to help bring jobs to Upstate New York to get our economy back on track and move our country forward.”

It’s not clear how much Scozzafava’s backing of Owens will change the race. Democratic strategists, who just 48 hours ago saw the race moving back in their direction, have grown pessimistic about their chances in the aftermath of the Scozzafava decision.

Hmm?….not clear how much her backing is going to change the race?  How about this p***es off even more conservatives who get their behinds to the polling centers, OR it causes ACORN to register even more fake and dead people for starters?

If Dede had any moral compass, she would just do an Arlen Specter, and stop lying to her constituents.

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