Two Sunday Interviews Not To Be Missed: TurboTax Timmie And Rush

TurboTax Timmie is going to be on Meet The Press spewing his propaganda about “acting with force”, and “Americans saving more”, while Rush will be appearing on FoxNews Sunday.

Rush Limbaugh on FoxNews Sunday, “Biggest Snatch Of Freedom”:

By Logistics Monster


  • Yeah, Timmy, I’m saving a lot more. I’m driving older vehicles and wearing older clothes and making less money for more work. So, I guess I’m saving myself for Soylent Green.

  • california patriot -

    Am I the only one who sees few human emotions in Tyrant Timmie?

    Regarding health care, they are going to cram it down our throats come hell or high water, and for all the reasons that Rush says.

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