Your Daily Glenn Beck; 10.28.09: America’s Debt & The New World Order

Glenn is really starting to speak about connecting the dots and has an interesting theory about the 120% increase in the money supply by The Federal Reserve, and how the dollar may collapse leading to a new currency with our real estate as the standard which backs the new currency. Glenn is basing his theory on the Weimar Republic and what was done there to re-establish their new currency.

There are some very interesting segments that followed the opening about healthcare and 70% of the country believes in the free market system according to a Pew Research poll in March 2009. I will add those video segments as they become available.


Free Enterprise Numbers: Believers vs. Non-Believers

By Logistics Monster


  • I have been saying for months now that the only thing that is saving us from massive inflation is the fact that the velocity of the money supply is not there. Glenn nailed it tonight. He was also right-on in terms of the Fed having claw back all this excess in the money supply eventually. But, this mountain so high and so massive, I just don’t see how they do it without literally killing the economy.

    The one statement he made that I wish he would have expanded on was that we are an economy based on consumption and no longer one of production…. and how do we get out of our current economy and get back to one of production.

    A country’s economy cannot survive for long when it does not produce its own energy and it destroys its manufacturing base and its ability to produce its own food supply. All of which we are doing.

  • letty aka granny gripes -


    we can all type ourselves to death, the internet junkies sort of have enough information to get out on the streets and take action.

    everyone only needs to connect with 10 people a month and get them to connect with 10 folks each month to get 10 more to connect.

    We can print our own flyers, seeing as no one wants to put them up on a web site and let us download the reasons for the fight on the 8 top issues.


    The whores like Stupak, get face time and name recognition because we give it to them, they are just sitting around the money pot, and blow smoke up our pants and rattle the tree until they get a bigger chunk! Then they sell their souls.

    NOW WE KNOA that WE cannot trust even ONE of the Democrats and only about 20% of the republicans. Evan Byah is another example, he got his bigger chunk and he is going to sell out the good and decent legal citizens of the USA because he too was just blowing smoke up our pants to get air time and to play the game for a bigger chunk from the money pot.

    1. organize

    2. bring your own candidates to the precinct caucus from school board up and down the ladder including judges
    Make the case! (be sure you have vetted them)

    3. They hit the streets and start the 10 to 10 chains.
    everyone can make 10 copies and pass them on to 10 others.

    4. NOW IS THE TIME to get the signs and banners up and out !

    Folks are busy trying to get another job and find the means to feed their families. They do not have time to drone on and on and on and on and on about yesterday.

    CHARLES OSGOOD “the future is no longer what it used to be”

    Not one person can just say well let the others go do the fighting. They are saying the same thing about you as they have for years and years and years.

    300 million citizens less than 1% are tuned in. We cannot save this country passing the same messages back and forth between the measly 1% and expect anything to change!

  • letty aka granny gripes -

    REALITY here, and we all need to LET GO!

    Sarah Palin is NOT capable nor can she if she wanted to Be the one to save us from our own self induced demise!


    YOU WILL NEVER NEVER NEVER change the MSM and the DNC by wasting time bashing, trashing, and crying about them.

    Sarah Palin, did herself in by giving them the rope to hang her by responding to her family’s soap opera and trotting it out and giving them the open doors. It was handled badly from the beginning and you cannot go back and fix an unraveled sweater no matter how much you loved it, needed it, used it, deserve it.

    AND she is right back at doing the same stupid tabloid stuff again and again hoping for a different outcome.

    YOU HAVE GOT TO IGNORE THE hate peddlers, the liars, the opportunists, the baggage handlers and they will all go away. STOP calling their name! STOP branding them! STOP giving them air time and face time and name recognition. STOP giving them value and credibility.

    SHE had the worst campaign managers, advisors in the history of any candidate in history and peramanent ink was spilled and there is simply nothing she can do or say now to change what is implanted in the mind of the voting citizens and the evil personal destroyers aka the vultures know that and will keep pecking pecking pecking and she will keep defending and letting them change the subject back to her personal garbage.

    WE have to detach ourselves too and stop pumping air into a dead horse and find someone we can push ahead.

    SHE IS NOT THE ONLY person out of the 300 million citizens with the right stuff.

    THE ONLY ANSWER FOR ANY CANDIDATE about the personal tabloid garbage dump is:

    OH giggle “you know how the campaign of personal destruction is played by the vultures, the hate peddlers, the deranged, the liars and I am not in their game!
    And if your conversation is not about the issues and what is right for the legal citizens of this country, this interview is O V E R!

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