Doug Hoffman Gaining More Support In NY-23

Former NY Senator, Al D’Amato, is leaning heavily toward endorsing Doug Hoffman over the RINO, Dede Scozzafava.  Tomorrow should be interesting since the big guns are starting to come out and endorse the conservative candidate that reflects American free enterprise values.  RedState is reporting that Sen. Jim DeMint has just added his endorsement.

We can all thank Barack Obama and the Progressive Socialist Democratic Party for creating the Tea Party Patriots and the paradigm shift that is allowing a “third party candidate” to kick the crap out of both parties.  I personally have been waiting 29 years for this day.

Here is the current list of Doug Hoffman’s endorsements.

Fred Thompson
Club For Growth
Police Benevolent Association
Concerned Women
Citizens of the Republic
Susan B. Anthony List
American Conservative Union
Citizens United Political Victory Fund
Campaign for Working Families
NYS Right to Life PAC
Conservative Victory Fund
Eagle Forum
Nat’l Organization for Marriage
America’s Independent Party
Steve Forbes
Sarah Palin
Rick Santorum
Wholesaler-Distributor Political Action Committee
Freedoms Defense Fund
U.S. Representative Todd Tiahrt (R-Kansas)
James Dobson, PhD
Dana Rohrabacher
Right Principles
Tim Pawlenty
Jim DeMint
NY Post
Michelle Bachman

4 thoughts on “Doug Hoffman Gaining More Support In NY-23”

  1. OK NY 912 and other resistance groups, hit the streets this weekend and DO IT!

    Elect HOFFMAN and send a strong message to the snobs, and morons at the GOP RNC NRCC

    We the independent conservatives and the resistance movement need this win.

    Fire up the phones, emails, faxes, get out the vote for Hoffman

    NO MORE SPINELESS progressives, liberals, anti Americans in the conservative movement.

    3 days is a lifetime in an election and I know those who live in the area can do it this weekend.

    GET THE BANNERS the marches, the signs out and walk the streets!

  2. think you are missing Congresswoman Michele Bachmann’s. MN GOP name from the list
    I saw her endorse Hoffmann

  3. This race looks just tight enough for ACORN to pull their tricks. I wonder who Clark Kent and Lex Luthor will vote for???? I am sure they have been registered at least twice.

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