Day: October 27, 2009

Brooksley Born Takes On The Big Boys And We All Lose

Yesterday I checked in with Blue Sky Rising and found an excellent and concise post about the economic meltdown, and the amazing woman who was warning about it over a decade ago; Brooksley Born.  The six part Frontline special appears to have embedding issues so I have posted the series on Eyeblast.  I am sure you will find the story as riveting as I did, and will recognize the same names you are hearing today as the "great minds" fixing the current economic meltdown.  Please remember that the over-reaching has a boomerang effect; see NY-23. From BlueSkyRising: Frontline: The Warning…
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The Economics Of Dem Healthcare Reform For Dummies

With everything that is currently being tossed at us since way before the 2008 election, quite a few things get missed just because we don't have the time to read everything, all the time. I ran across an article today from economist David Buckner which I think explains the dems' plan pretty simply in economic terms.  Here are a few tidbits; make sure to go over and read the whole article. The Snake Oil Sales Pitch: A Question of Healthcare Economics Unfortunately, facts tend to be the first casualty of political banter.  As one commentator noted this morning, if you…
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Your Daily Glenn Beck; 10.27.09: “If I Am Right, Does It Matter?”

Glenn is asking the right question in regards to the socialist, marxist, communist, Mao loving, anti-capitalists in Washington, D.C.  "If I am right; does it matter?". I am going to call it the way I see it, Fascism in America = socialism with a veneer of capitalism. My question would be: What is the world going to look like without America?
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Doug Hoffman Gaining More Support In NY-23

Former NY Senator, Al D'Amato, is leaning heavily toward endorsing Doug Hoffman over the RINO, Dede Scozzafava.  Tomorrow should be interesting since the big guns are starting to come out and endorse the conservative candidate that reflects American free enterprise values.  RedState is reporting that Sen. Jim DeMint has just added his endorsement. We can all thank Barack Obama and the Progressive Socialist Democratic Party for creating the Tea Party Patriots and the paradigm shift that is allowing a "third party candidate" to kick the crap out of both parties.  I personally have been waiting 29 years for this day.…
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