Your Daily Glenn Beck; 10.26.09: The Me Generation

As soon as a YTer puts up the Art Laffer portion of Beck’s show today, I will post it.

Glenn Beck talking about the Me Generation:

Barney Frank is coming after non-financial firms. I heard about this legislation and am on the lookout for it.

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By Logistics Monster


  • I say….Thank goodness for people like Beck. Were it not for them we would be just where this administration wants us. In the dark.

  • Ah… one of my favorite economists… Art Laffer.

    I loved his comment… just give him a long weekend to straighten this out… and I believe he could. He certainly would be a vast improvement over the economic illiterates this administration has. At least he believes in markets and not marxism.

    And Beck’s classic line… “JFK would not be allowed in today’s Republican party, because he would be too far to the right.” ROTFLMAO!

  • no-nonsence-nancy -

    Barney Frank makes me want to puke. How he can blatantly make statements like that and with a snicker on his face at the same time. These people are evil beyond words. When they are made to come down off their high horses they are going to fall really hard. I hope they are all so broke they have to stand in soup lines. To be so uncaring toward humanity. How do they get off being so arrogant, anyway. Like I always say, they need to read up on their French history.

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