Report Any Flu As Swine Flu

Well, well, well…a caller takes his child to the hospital and she has the seasonal flu but is told it will be reported to the authorities as H1N1.  Anybody surprised?

This is a perfect example of why this administration is trying to shut down talk radio, and impose net neutrality. This is also a perfect example of why the LA FBI told Rush Limbaugh’s caller, Mary, to watch Fox News and listen to talk radio if you want to know what is going on.

By Logistics Monster


  • My husband has been ill for the past 6 weeks with a respiratory problem which his dr has treated with antibiotic. He was not getting better and has several chronic conditions which can get worse if he is ill for an extended period of time.

    He was admitted to the hospital yesterday and in running all the tests they deemed necessary the hospital ordered a swab for testing of flu, I questioned why as he did not have a fever and most of the other symptoms , he had a persistent cough which had him weak and not eating or drinking as he should. The nurse said he does not have the flu but they, I guess the hospital wants him to be tested. I can not think of a reason why as the test came back that he did not have the flu. Normally I would think that the hospital was just being really careful but I can help but wonder what does testing someone who no way has the flu would help the hospital.

  • Kathy- first – I am sorry to hear about your hubby – he and you are in my thoughts.

    2. Because of his current condition they may be testing to make sure that he does not have it because he may be infected and not showing symptoms yet, which would complicate anything else they are doing for him. I think they are just being thorough in this case because of his compromised immune system. Hang in there!

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